Stacking Lightning Lanes

I have a trip in July '23. Right now, I’m researching how to stack Lightning Lanes. We are staying onsite. So if I book my first LL at 7 am, I want it to be after 11 am (assuming park opens at 9 am), right? That way I can book another at 11 (120 minutes). Then I can use my original at say 11:30 and book a third LL, correct? At that point, I can just alternate booking LLs? Or will I always have to wait the 120 minutes? I guess I’m trying to book a new one as I use each LL. Is this correct?

It doesn’t have to be after 11 am. If you book something that is at, say, 9:30, then once you tap in for the ride, you can book your next LL. You don’t have to wait 120 minutes if you tap into your MOST RECENTLY BOOKED LL before the 120 minutes are up.

ETA: I guess I should mention that what you are describing isn’t really “stacking”. Stacking usually means you are booking LLs later in the day and having a 2 or more booked. In our December trip, for example, I stacked 5 LLs for the evening at MK by booking LLs throughout the morning and afternoon.

So if I book one at 9:30, can I book an additional one at 11 because of the 120 minute rule or only when I use the one booked at 9:30?

If you book one at 9:30…you can book another 120 minutes later, or 11:30. OR, if you tap into the one you booked at 9:30 BEFORE the 120 minutes passed, you can then book another.

To illustrate…if you book one at 7:00 am for 9:30, you can then tap in at 9:30. Let’s say at 9:30 you then book one for 10:00 am. You can tap into that ride at 10:00 am and then book another. But if that one is for a ride at 3:00 pm, then you can book your next LL at 12:00 noon, because you hit 120 minutes. From that point forward, you’ll pretty much be booking every 120 minutes.

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Yes, that makes sense. I guess what I’m trying to do is stack for the evening with booking every 120 minutes AND use a LL early in the day by rebooking as soon as I tap into a ride. Is it possible to do both?

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Sure. Just book your first LL as early as possible…IF possible. Because then you can start stacking your LLs for the evening sooner. ALTHOUGH, it ends up being tricky and a bit of a game…because if, for example, you want to stack into the evening after 5, then you have to pick rides that have already moved into/after the 5:00 pm window. More popular rides will get there sooner. But once you book something later, you now have to wait 120 minutes before you stack another…at which point, you have to pick whatever the next ride is that is in your evening window.

What I found when we did it for our MK evening was that sometimes at 120 minutes, there simply wasn’t a ride we wanted a LL for available yet in the evening hours. So, we had to sometimes wait more than 120 minutes.


Thank you so much for all this information! I appreciate your help!

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So…here is a bit of practical advice, based on what you want to do…although, this actually depends a lot on which parks you are planning on hitting up. MK ends up being the easiest in some ways to get it all working.

Let’s assume you are planning for MK, and you want to leave in the afternoon and stack into the evening…again, say, after 5:00 pm.

So, as said, at 7:00, the goal would be to book something as early as possible (but, choosing something that actually saves time…rather than simply choosing something that would have a short line anyhow). When you arrive, and you tap in, you look to see if there are any windows open for rides you want starting at 4:00 pm. (Because…the window is for an hour, so this brings you to the 5:00 time.)

If there isn’t anything open yet in the evening, then when you tap into that first LL, you choose another LL that is SOON(ish). This allows you to save time in that line…but also get another opportunity to look for that first ride in the 4:00 pm or later timeframe.

Lather, rinse and repeat until you find that ride that is available at, say, 4:30 pm. At this point, you now will check every 120 minutes and stack another ride into the evening.

If there isn’t anything else available that late, then you can, once again, look for a ride with a time that is VERY soon. Once you tap into it, go back to looking for something that is available later.


Now that it is possible to modify without resetting the clock, make sure to ALWAYS have something booked as soon as you are eligible!


Accidental delete…

Yeah that’s my thinking too. Like let’s say you want to stack for MK evening. Can’t I just book whatever is available (at 7 AM) for after 2PM, and modify later as return times get into the late afternoon/evening? What matters is the time I booked the original LL, not the time I modify it, right?


Yes, just make sure that you modify the LL before it expires.


To clarify this…you would have to wait until something opens up at 2:00. (I’m clarifying because it used to be, when hopping, you COULD start booking at the 2:00 time frame right at 7:00 if it isn’t your first park…but that is no longer the case.)


Yeah I’ll need to go check on thrill data what times the rides I want actually get to after 2 PM booking times. I think I’ll sometimes have to book a morning ride for our AM park at 7AM.


Let’s say I’m in AK at 10 am, and want an LL for 5 pm for when I hop to DHS. I would book something/anything at AK and then modify to the 5pm time when I’m eligible.

No waiting… ever (right?).

Yeah. You could do that. BUT, you are forcing having to wait 120 minutes to book your next one in that case. If instead you actually book something early in the AM instead, you have the opportunity to utilize your G+ for something. It really comes down to how quickly the available times proceed throughout the day!

I thought you couldn’t modify from one park to another? How to Use Genie+ and Lightning Lane at Disney World

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I thought she meant WHILE AT AK, book something in the other park. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that’s an option too. I thought you meant “wait” as in waiting while the desired return time opens.

Don’t wait, keep booking LLs…

It’s not possible with MDE, but…

OP, you’ve gotten some great advice here, just want to add a technical point: only your most recent LL affects when you can book again. So for your question I bolded above, the answer is No, bc at that point your original LL is no longer your most recently booked.