Stacked Tickets, Names and NE tix

I’ve got a few questions:

I had a not so magical experience a few days ago when I called Disney. I was also very heartbroken to make the call. I was calling because when I linked our upcoming tickets to MDE, I saw that the days left on our NE tickets was incorrect and my mom is listed on my MDE account. My mom passed away in May and we had taken her to Disney on our last 4 trips. I am not ready to remove my mom from my account. I was also calling to find out the best way to deal with stacked tickets. Along, with the best way to manage reservations and FP+ when traveling with two people who have the same first name. The Fast Passes show the first name only when managing them. The person transferred me and I got transferred again, it was TOO much to explain it ALL again so I hung up after the second transfer…So:

How do I find out and/or correct the days left on our NE tix? And, transfer the days left on my mom’s NE tickets to either me, DD, or DH? I saw that I can e-mail a picture of the tickets and a copy of my DL to Disney for me to find out how many days are left. But, I was wondering if there is another way? And, for my stacked tickets, is it best to go to GS when we arrive?

I am traveling with another family. I am making all of the plans for this family. A member of their family and I share the same first name. I do not want to change my name is everything is listed under my name. Does it matter if I use a middle name as a first name on MDE?


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First, sorry for the loss of your Mom.

With the NE tickets, I think you can see the number of days left on MDE - but probably only on a computer. Alternatively, you can try to make FP+ reservations for let’s say next week, and it will only allow you to make then for the number of days you have tickets for. Just make sure you cancel them afterwards. IT services can also probably help you - I don’t have the number at hand but you can search here and find it. It’s also on the Disney site. Just listen for the prompts and choose help with MDE. They can also help you with stacking and ticket prioritizing, which we just did on our last trip. The other place you can go is your resorts concierge, assuming you are staying on property, a park or at DTD

For MDE, maybe you can just add a middle initial? You can also change the picture associated with each person. I don’t think you can change their name - they would have to do it.

Just in case you didn’t get it:
WDW IT at 407-939-7765 or 407-939-4357

Thanks! I hadn’t had a chance to look it up.

Thank you @Agent_C and @PrincipalTinker . I will call another day. Thank you for your condolences. It used to show days left on our tickets, but it does not now, even on the computer. I will go with the nickname of the other person, because the middle initial did not work. I am planning everything, so the other family has a MDE account, but I log into to make changes and make reservations.

For the stacking, yes we are staying on site. I will go to GS before we enter the park to take care of the stacking.

Thanks Again!

Are you going to the parks first or checking in first? The concierge at your hotel should be able to help you and the line will probably be shorter that GS at the parks. Again, I would try IT first, as they were able to help me with the same issue while I was still at home. IT It sucks having to waste park time on something like this if you can get it resolved beforehand.

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I will be checking in first…you are very correct. I should call IT and not waste precious family time.

They were able to do it for me, so if you run into someone who says they can’t, hang up and try again. I don’t know what their hours are - you might want to try on an off time - like a Sunday afternoon. :smiley: Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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I called and the IT guy was WONDERFUL…I am still too emotional so I did not address my mom’s ticket. The IT man was able to prioritize the tickets for my husband, myself and my daughter. The issue with the FP names was resolved my middle initial shows up when before it did not. Thanks @Agent_C and @PrincipalTinker


Glad it all worked out for you. I agree - address your mom’s ticket at another time. For now, just enjoy your trip.

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Thank you for your help @Agent_C

Glad I could help. Enjoy your trip, and if I may suggest, set aside at last one quiet time to just reflect in a spot that gave you and your Mom so much joy. :pray:

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Between losing both my parents within a year and a half, I might just make this a cry-ation. I normally cry because I am so happy to at Disney :blush:
Living with the Land is where I think of my dad because he taught me how to garden and my mom LOVED POTC. She would humm…yo ho ho a pirates life for me…So, I now think of her and Johnny Depp :wink: But, most of all she loved us. Thank you for your suggestion. :slight_smile: