SSR Villas (1&2 beds)

Somewhere I’m pretty sure we discussed the new Queen Murphy beds and the twin Murphy bed.

The website is now updated to show occupancy as 5 & 9 people respectively,

But the points chart has this disclaimer:

Sleeping capacity in one-bedroom and two-bedroom accommodations at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort are subject to change, with the potential removal of the single pull-down bunk-size bed.

Thinking face :thinking:

I know my delight at the refurb and the wall bed was tempered by the fact there is no storage for clothes in the living area, other than the small cube table. I wonder if there have been a lot of such comments?


I have seen pictures/posts of one bedrooms without the single. In general, I believe many (all?) handicap accessible rooms only have 4 surfaces but that configuration might be in a few other rooms.

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So do you think this is just saying “not all rooms have the single Murphy bed”?

I think they should make those rooms a bookable category.

They might be, especially if they are included in the 2 bedroom lock offs.

They are weird. The photos I saw had the TV mounted to the wall with nothing below.

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Oh wait!

The website hasn’t been updated in the main room info for the resort. Still says 4 & 8 there. So looks like maybe it is there to cover themselves.

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I know this isn’t DVC but have you seen this? This is new to me…
PHOTOS: Uh…Apparently, You Can Get a HUGE Hotel Room for WAY Less Than You’d Think in Disney World | the disney food blog

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Interesting. I was curious to see a price, but apparently ASS is not opening and has no official opening date, so when I try to look up rooms and prices, nothing comes up…and family suites aren’t even listed.

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It is Music. I looked at dates that should have discounts:


Oh. I am so (not) observant apparently.

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Wow, those are stunning!

I am now seriously rethinking plans.


So things to consider: On a value resort property (no extended evening hours), but there is a bigger food court (QS), usually one bus stop for entire resort. Depending on where the room is located the neighboring resort’s pool and bus stop are closer. I think they’ve done a nice job on the rooms.

Yeah, I mean we do use the kitchen when we stay, so there’s that too. Plus OKW will be a relaxing stay, big deck or balcony to sit out on for breakfast or dinner, Boat to DS and so on.

We have plenty of time to think about it anyway.

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We loved OKW when we stayed there. Sat out on the balcony each morning drinking am coffee telling golfers where to find their lost balls :roll_eyes: :rofl: Yes… too many conversations w/ golfers searching for lost balls. It was funny. OKW is soooo relaxing.

Agreed, OKW is one of my faves.


Wasn’t there a safety issue with the wall murphy beds at one time as well? Maybe that is to account for if they need to re-install some or something?

Yes, that was at Riviera when they first opened. Had to get them all checked, and the SSR refurb was also underway at that point.

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