SSR tips & suggestions

I am staying at ssr and in the paddock… good choice?

I will be staying at Saratoga Springs Resort Villas for the first time in November. So, I am curious, too.

The Paddock has a nice new pool, but is kind of a hike from the main building. How do you already know where you’re staying?

I like the Grandstand and Springs.

Ooh I’m definitely interested in this too. We’re staying there for the first time in Sept on rented points. I requested the Springs.

It asked me where I wanted to stay when I did the online check-in. I was also told by staff that I did not need to fax any requests in to the resort, that the online request was the proper way. We are driving, so getting around isn’t a problem… and my little brother is a CM, so I figure he can drive us around and park wherever. I thought the Paddock would be nice, because it is not the last stop for busses, yet seems to be centrally located.

How do you know the order do the bus stops? I was not asked where I wanted to stay when booking because I went through AAA. I was planning on faxing requests 4 days ahead. Not the way to go?

The bus stop order is: Grandstand first, Carousel second, Paddock third, Congress Park fourth and The Springs fifth, except for the Downtown Disney route where The Springs is picked up first.