SSR spa ripped out

So someone I know is at SSR now and said the Spa has been ripped out and replaced with DVC offices.


Oh… the spa must have been underutilized? or is this a chapek? :thinking:

Really? I always thought the spa was one of the main selling points of SSR.

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Corey Fiasconnaro is going to be LIVID

How was there no mention of this?!


I have to wonder if this is temporary during the construction going on. Maybe the offices had to be moved, temporarily, until they finish up, at which point, the Spa will be re-opened/renovated.

As of right now, though, Disney still refers to the name of the resort with Spa in the name:

Exactly! How do they get away with not telling members that it’s closing. Nothing on the resort page, nada. :rage:


Well, despite the fact that the resort page itself still lists the health/fitness center and spa, if I do a search on Disney for Spa services in general, everything else seems to come up (such as the Grand Floridian, etc), but SSR does not.

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We better see a refund on our dues if that is the case.

OK, good news time. it seems this might not be all as it seems.

Thee are indeed offices now in the treatment rooms. And the DVC guides are using it as their office space rather than the DS location which hasn’t yet re-opened.

But this isn’t meant to be permanent, all the Spa stuff is still intact.

Word is they are having problems recruiting staff for the Spa. Obviously during the closure the staff moved elsewhere. But the plans are apparently still to re-open eventually.


Well thanks for this update.

@LTinNC82 there wouldn’t be any refund on dues, I don’t think, as I don’t think your dues go toward maintenance of the spa.

That said, as an owner who may have selected this particular resort based on the amenities, I do think you deserve(d) some kind of notice about this.

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They inundate you with warnings when booking a resort that a pool won’t be available…it seems they should do the same thing at a resort that has Spa in it’s name!

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