SRLs and Ride Capacity By Household

UOR is not doing SRL during this time, which means Disney probably won’t either–which makes sense. I’m wondering about ride capacity and things moving along any quicker since they will have to separate by household. I.e in PotC, if you have 3 families of 3 people then that would mean that only 9 people will be on a boat that would normally carry around 20 passengers. And forget Smuggler’s Run! A family/group of 3 would have to have their own ship. I’ve never ridden, but does anyone know what the approximate distance is from pilots to engineers? Oy, I’m glad to not be needing to figure this out myself but I do enjoy wondering.

**editing to add that a diminished total capacity of parks may not mean wait times are any lower than usual when considering ride capacity restrictions.

I haven’t ridden Smuggler’s Run, but I have to think that with three rows, you could have pilots and engineers from different groups.

However I think they’ll just use one cabin per group to make it easy, unless you have two lots of two right behind each other in the queue and they agree. But why would you if you were going to be the engineers - just wait and be the pilots!

I also think they’ll have to leave two rows empty on many rides unless you can stagger people on either side of a vehicle. If you’re sitting in one row and stretch out your arm, you could just about touch someone two rows in front. So that isn’t 6 feet. In Shanghai they’re only using 1m for distancing, so it makes it easier.


Looking at pictures/video I concur that 2 2-person groups might be able to do Smuggler’s run if the distance were to be changed to 1m.