SR attractions


Please remind me, which attractions have SR in both parks. Thanks so much!


DL - Matterhorn, Indiana Jone (sometimes, it's not very consistent), Splash Mtn
DCA - Goofy's Fly School, CA Screaming, GRR


I haven't been since 2012, but at that time Soarin' also had a SRL - but it wasn't a very good deal; the line was always very slow. GRR on the other hand was one of the best deals around. The SRL wasn't well advertised; you actually had to go up to the CM and ask for a "pass", then you went in through the exit. The regular line was posted at 60 min and I rode 3 times back-to-back in less than 20... RSS also had a SRL - again a very good deal. at RD I rode 3 times and literally "walked on" every time. Posted standby was 100 min...

But things may have changed since then...


Thanks so much!!


Soarin single rider was indeed eliminated when the film switched to the around the world version. However, they are much more efficient of calling for parties of 1,2,3 when they need to fill rows. I never used the Soarin single rider but since this change I see a lot more people coming down to fill in needed space than I ever did from a single rider queue, so it seems this was the right call.


That's actually how it worked when they did have the SRL; one time I "jumped ahead" of about 40 people when they called for a single rider. I think this is why the SRL was always SO slow...