Sprit Airlines Checked Luggage Size

I just bought some new luggage online and the total size ends up being 66”-we are flying Spirit and they say you have to pay extra if it’s more than 62” total. Anyone know how strict they are for checked in luggage size?! :grimacing::grimacing:

Spirit will nickel & dime you every chance they get. Be prepare to pay the fee. Spirit looks like a bargain on paper, but unless you are walking on the plane with nothing more than what you can carry in your pockets they’ll find a way to tack on a fee.

Maybe I’m biased as I tried them twice and actually paid as much as going with a “name brand” airline & had terrible experiences. Plus, they buy planes used from other airlines who take them out of service and don’t invest much into the interiors.

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I’ve never had my checked luggage measured by them, but mine has also been within the dimensions. The 40lb weight limit is strict. I have seen them question the size of carry on bags, though, so there’s a definite chance they could check. Depends if you want to risk it and possibly pay the extra fee once you’re at the airport (which I imagine is more $$$ than doing it in advance).

Wow! I didn’t know that low cost airlines reduce the weight limit by 10 lbs
to 40lbs!

I knew the weight limit would be enforced and we only planned to have personal items not actual carry ons. I think if we took the wheels off it would be within the size restraints so I’m thinking we chance it and then if they check take the wheels off! :rofl: