Springtime Surprise 3/31 - 4/3/2022: The Main Thread

Thought I could collect everyone into weekend threads. Might make it easier to follow those threads that are most meaningful to people.

Am I being bossy?

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Someone’s gotta be the boss.

Maybe put the dates in the original post?

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I can do that.

Thoughts on also adding a virtual thread?

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I did think of that last night

What do you think of one virtual thread for all virtual events?

That was exactly my thought! thanks for setting this up…it’ll be much easier to sift through and find answers.

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What’s a virtual thread?

it’s a thread about the virtual events

The thread itself is not virtual.

Poor wording on my part!

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I am hearing that an email has gone out to participants of this weekend’s events regarding medals.

Apparently there is a chance they will not have medals in time for the events.

Runners are being asked to confirm their mailing address so that their medals can be sent later.

I don’t like that. It makes it feel like another virtual running event without the hardware at the finish line.

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Yeah. Nobody’s fault I supposed, but definitely would be disappointing.

That said I’ve seen some really really creative solutions out there! Folks are choosing to bring a favorite medal instead, to make copies of the photo of the medal(s) and recreate a wearable version, suggesting that there be a photo station with the sample medal(s).

A lot of people got caught up in the negative - which is valid and more than understandable. But a lot of people got to work and found a way to have their medal moment at the race just the same.

Trying to get more traffic going to these runDisney posts. So….

Who else LOVED the Springtime Surprise weekend?!

I’ve done a bunch of runDisney events previously. Mostly marathon weekend and Star Wars weekends from 2015 thru 2018. But I never had as much fun as I had during Tower of Terror 10 miler. I love the 10 mile distance. Felt long enough to have to train consistently, but not as daunting as the half (that World drive stretch for miles 7 to 11 can be soul crushing), so I felt great and was still smiling at the end.

Also the course was fantastic! The Epcot to HS to Epcot route was a lot of park miles (with real bathrooms along the course!!!) and great entertainment on the highway miles from 6 to 8.5. And that sunrise while on the overpass to Epcot -ahhhh-mazing.

Also so many photopass photos. All of which I’m smiling. No easy feat for this Baymax runner (i am not fast).

I do think the fact that I trained more for this race than any other race made for more enjoyment. I really hope runDisney keeps the 10 miler for the next Springtime Surprise weekends. Maybe with a retro Epcot them (Figment and Horizons theme would be great).

Including a photo as proof of that joy the 10 miler brought. This is me at mile 9.9ish:


The ToT10miler is the race I want to do more than any other. That picture is wonderful and I’m so glad you had a great time!!