Spring Break Week - Choosing Dates & 4th FP

I’m helping friends plan their spring break trip and I’d love some advice, since we went during a low crowd time. Is it really worth picking the evening EMH day for MK and putting up with what is bound to be higher crowds? I’m nervous about setting them up for a really hard day just to get them ten to midnight with short lines.
Also, it’s a group of 7. Is there any chance they’ll be able to get 4th FP during spring break when the CL is a 10? Is it even worth showing them how to do it?

I’d show them how to do it. If they are going to be in the park all day I don’t think I’d recommend evening EMH at CL10, with those sort of crowds I’m not sure they’d last that long, will they have ADR’s to help break up the day and give them a bit of a rest?

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They will not have any ADRs. I’m hoping to build them a TP with all the MK shows (Tiki, Philharmagic, Laugh Floor) in the afternoon to give them a bit of a rest. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of trip for them and they’re only going to 2 parks so I think that will help give them stamina and determination to keep going. But I would hate for them to give up before EMH even start, so that makes me want to choose a different day for them when they might luck out with CL 8 instead.

I can tell you that certain shows do lend themselves to more of a break than others. In MK, the Hall of Presidents is one that does, in EP, the American Adventure is another one.
We use sit down dining for a break also.
Another thing to remember is that a good TP is much more important vs. the CL. Trust me on this, it is stated in the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World (each edition) and I have seen it with my own eyes. The other thing is that the CL more has to do with the ride times then the actually number of people in the parks.
What part of Spring break are they going?
As far as the 4th FP and even more, there is still a chance to get extra FP after the first 3 are used and/or expired. People change their plans all the time.

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For a group of 7, you may want to teach them to overlap FastPasses into two groups. It’s a bit more work but not too bad and they are more likely to get good stuff. Maybe designate two people who can work together to coordinate FPs.

I had no issue using modify to get extra FPs on CL10 days last week. It just took a few more refreshes to grab the first one before modifying. Even FP lines typically have a 5-10 min wait. My general motto is that lines are there so you can get the next FP.

Regarding evening EMH, I don’t think they are particularly useful on high crowd days. Mornings are much more so…

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I was planning on Mickey’s Philharmagic, Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor, Carousel of Progress, Hall of Presidents, and Tiki Room. Are any of those bad choices? I figured AC and sitting down 10-20 minutes would be better than standing outside in a line. The youngest kid is 13, and they’ll have the next day to recharge at the resort, so I think they’ll be able to power through.
In their touring plan, I’m going to give them from 3:20 (post parade) to 6 or 7 to grab additional FP and pepper in the shows. @mikejs78 I will definitely recommend 2-3 people have the app and even the possibility of splitting the group. It’s parents and 5 teens, so they have a lot of flexibility there. I’m glad to hear your trip went well. I read your report with my friends in mind! Thanks for sharing that! She mentioned EMH and was excited about it, but I think the day after PM EMH might be a better choice for them and I think it will fit better into their week anyway.

April 15-19 are their resort days, so pre-Easter. CL predictions are 8-10 depending on the park and the day.

Hall of Presidents and Carousel of Progress would be the 2 I would pick. Most of the time, the shows aren’t something that you need FP for. In looking at the crowd calendar for those date, it is going to be higher. With that known, I would help by giving them a good TP and walk them thru what they will need to do. Another thing, is have them look at the maps and online (the MDE) so that they get used to it and can see how to get around and where things are.

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