Spring Break vs Late June?

I’m having a hard time finding a time to go w/o pulling DS out of school.

SB: more expensive, more crowds
Late June: more HEAT, crowds, DS’ birthday.

We are going to Disney in May & August, and elsewhere for fall break, so those are out.


Would onsite early entry and express pass be enough to get us through spring break hordes?

Exactly what I was planning on days with 7/8 crowds, and if the TPs were to be believed,it looked like it would be no problem.

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Hi again. I have all the answers to your questions today! We are going to Universal during spring break (Fri-Sun after Easter) and are not worried a bit with crowd levels 7-8. We were there April 2-4 last year, with crowd levels 4-7. This was before Diagon Alley opened, but with express passes everything was pretty much walk on. It was easy, crowds were no issue at all. There were plenty of people waiting in lines, but we weren’t! Our previous trip was Thanksgiving 2011, with crowd levels 7-8. Every ride had long standby lines it seemed, and Hogsmeade got pretty crowded mid-day. But other than that, it was just as easy. No real waits for anything, maybe 5 minutes at the most. Universal during busy times is not like WDW, it is very manageable (assuming you have express). I would definitely pick spring break over June, but we are allergic to the heat :wink:. Not really, but Florida in the summer is very unpleasant for us, unless in the pool all afternoon. Spring break weather was amazing last year. We were at UOR/WDW for 11 days plus travel days, and only had rain 1 day. The humidity was fairly low and the temperatures were perfect.

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HAHA As I wrote in another reply, I decided to combine my separate trips with each kid into one long WDW/UOR late May/early June. The price of RPR was almost half that of CB over spring break!! Although it did cost me some cash and points since SWA devalued their points, I KNOW I’ll still come out WAY ahead.

Thank you so much, though, if I ever consider SB again, I’ll keep this in mind!!

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Glad you found a time that works for you! So will both kids get to go on both trips now?

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Yes all 3 of us on one long vacation! I should probably look into some kid-only activities so they can have an afternoon free of me and make some friends. I’m sure hanging out w mom gets old after a few days, especially the for my lil 'tween terror. (I keed. He’s still nice. )

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My kids are 11 & 13 and my DH doesn’t often go with us, so I feel your pain!

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Yep. DH hasn’t gone with us since 2013! What do you do for “apart time”? I think even dd almost 9 would be bored in the kids’ clubs now.

We probably don’t have enough of this. Last trip DH came for the first 5 days, we did Universal for 3 days and then a day at HS plus a resort/rest day. WDW was much easier after he went home (his negativity and dislike of Disney gets old quick). The kids and I spent 6 more days, and pretty much all of it was together. I do let them swim at the resort while I relax, sometimes pool side, occasionally in the room. They are both great swimmers and trustworthy. This trip we are going to the parks for 5 days, and then going on the Dream. They shall go to the tween club while I relax poolside with a drink or two. Should be very relaxing, and a good break for everyone. Going to Universal for 3 days after and then home.