Spring break 2021 crowds

What do you all think Spring break will be like next year? Any one have any predictions?

This is highly dependent on so many things.

First and foremost, IMO, would be travel restrictions that people are under, whether by their local governments, schools, or employers.

Next would be whether or not there is a vaccine available. Many many people have said they will not travel until there is one.

Also important to consider is whether or not Disney has raised capacity caps, and if so to what level.

Until those things happen, I think the crowds will remain as they are. Once those things happen I think it will get busy fast.


Some colleges have eliminated a spring break for 2021. I don’t know how many colleges or K-12 schools will do that, but at least some will. The three state universities in Iowa have done this, for instance.


Good points! I would never ordinarily book a trip on spring break, but I had a dvc credit to use and I didn’t want my kids to miss any more school so I booked the week they have off before Easter. I doubt a vaccine will be widely available by then but who knows. I’m hoping crowds won’t be like usual spring break crowds and that more entertainment comes back by then. We were happy to hear the water parks opening. We have the park hopper plus tickets that were extended due to the closure last spring.

We’ve done many spring break trips over the years. It’s always crowded that time of year but this year and next year who knows what the crowds are going to be like with Covid. I think just play it by ear right now

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I know, my husband says it’s impossible to plan for anything and I shouldn’t even try! I did get the optional points protection plan this time in case travel is still restricted for us here in NY but I’m hopeful things will be somewhat better by then.

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I’m in the same boat as you - hoping for news for Spring Break. We had to use rented DVC points and that was the time that works for us.
We’re still very nervous about going - especially if nothing gets better (or it gets worse, heaven forbid!), but hoping crowds stay exceptionally low.

Six months out? Who knows. I mean who could have guessed in March trust this would be the state of the US in September?

We were supposed to be there for Spring Break 2020, then June, then October (none of the 2020 trips happened), and currently have nothing on the books. It would be awesome if Spring Break 2021 works out, but I’m not booking anything until I’m more confident in it actually happening (very dependent on state of the pandemic, less about what Disney specificities is doing in terms of risk mitigation).

I mean, you’re kind of between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, if things stay the way they are (travel restrictions/hesitations and entertainment-wise) then boo kess magic, but you’re probably looking at reasonable crowds. If you get more offerings at the parks and travel restrictions ease up then yay more magic, but higher crowds.