Spring break 2020: Is it good to use extra magic hours in the morning?

I continue to read conflicting advice for morning extra magic hours. I am going to Disney World during the last week of March/spring break with crowd levels high 8-10. Should I go to morning extra magic hours offered at animal kingdom if I arrive 60-75 minutes before scheduled opening? Or is that one extra hour not worth the extra crowds later in the day? I am hoping to get a fast pass for flight of passage AND rope drop flight of passage because I hear it is such a great ride and my three boys ages 9-13 will probably enjoy the ride. Thus we would be skipping The Nav’vi River journey. We are staying at a Disney hotel and can get fast passes 60 days early and hopefully can pick up one for the end of our 6 night trip stay. Any wisdom on if I should just go on a non extra magic hour day or not would be much appreciated as we have never gone during a high crowd level time period before. We also will have park hoppers, but I have read park hopping is not the easiest with high crowd levels either. Thank you so much in advance for any help!

I would. Easy wdw has some great blog posts from last year Easter week and he gets a ton of rides in during those first two hours!

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If you are front of the rope drop pack, Naavi is a walk on when you get off FOP, so you could do that before heading off to the rest of the park…

If you can be there before RD for EMH, then YES! We’ve found that gives us an extra hour to get the RD headliner, several mid-level rides done, and then start FPP at 10, 11, and 12 (if EMH was 8-9). Then nearly everything is done except shows, the small attractions (which are easy to get 4th, 5th, etc FPP for), wandering, etc. for the crowded times in the afternoon. We went that week last year and used this strategy for 4 of our 5 RD mornings. The only time the crowds were oppressive were leaving after fireworks/night shows and when we arrived on a Saturday CL10 after a late start character breakfast.

And I agree with @AlisonRoe about NRJ during EMH if you arrive at least 45 min before EMH RD although we chose to RD NRJ and got 2x EE, Dinosaur, Triceratops Spin, and Primeval Whirl in before our 930 KS /1030 FOP/1130 KRR FPPs.

Thank you so much for pointing out easy wdw site. It looks good and I will read through it!


Thank you so much for your help and sharing your experience. It takes a village to rear children and to plan a Disney trip!

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Thank you! That is good to know that we might also be able to go on the Na’vi river journey after rope dropping flight of passage, I assumed by then the lines would be over an hour.

With hoppers, definitely. You can move on when you feel the park is getting too crowded.

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We loved Navi. If you get a chance to ride it’s worth it.

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