Spring break 2020 crowds

My trip to WDW is planned for Mar14-21 2020, and the crowd levels are 8-10 in all parks all week (and insane on Kenny’s crowd calendar). Interestingly, the week after and early April, crowd levels are lower, even though Easter this year is on 4/12.

Does anyone know the reason for that peak in predicted crowd level mid March, a month before Easter?


I wondered the same thing. We are going from March 15-19. It is the beginning of March Break for most of Ontario and in several other parts of Canada. I always thought that had less effect than US spring breaks but maybe not.

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I know some schools have spring break connected with Easter, but none of the schools in our area do. The spring breaks around here mid to late March. I think that is true of many school districts.


Well, Ontario is having their school break then and generally speaking, Texas does theirs the same time we do ours. I expect there are other states as well that take their spring break then.

You might also notice that all the airfare is insane during that time, too.

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We are there that week, too! It’s the end of Québec March break and the start of Ontario’s break period. Should be a blast!

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