Spring break 2015 v mid-June

Trying to figure out which to do. Arriving on Easter and staying the following week will have better weather (10 degrees cooler) but from general reading, I understand that is a very crowded period. However, the crowd calendar has a number of days that list week predicted for 5 or 6 crowds, which doesn't seem consistent with what I've read. According to the crowd calendar, going in June might be worse crowd-wise in addition to weather wise.

We get up and out to the parks early, return after lunch for pool and head back in the evening, which helps us avoid the hottest times of the days in the parks.

I've only been to WDW a couple of times to help is appreciated.

Most Florida schools will have already had their Spring Break week before Easter so the crowds will be less local. It could be rainy and cold during Spring Break like this year, we didn't even get to swim this year.

June means everyone is out of school and if you happen to pick the days when Florida school have just gotten done you will have massive local traffic. June 9th starts the seasonal pass blackouts so everyone will be trying to get to the park to use the tickets before the summer black out.

No real advice, I prefer Spring time to summer for park touring.

We are going to be in the parks about the same time- Saturday & Sunday Easter weekend, and then Friday- Sunday again after our cruise. We were there the same week of April this year and the weather was fabulous. Crowds were fine, but Easter didn't occur in early April. We used to live in Tampa, and there is no way I could go to Florida from May-September. It is just so humid and hot there, really not pleasant to be outside. Therefore I would go at Easter just for the better weather. Crowds don't really matter to us, as long as you have a plan. Early EMH or RD, leave parks after lunch for a break and return refreshed. This year Easter was late and I watched the crowds and wait times very carefully knowing we wanted to return next year. The week leading up to Easter was very busy through Friday. Saturday and Sunday of Easter weekend were proclaimed by liners as the best days of the week. The crowd calendar definitely supports this with lower numbers. The week after Easter will be crowded, but not the 10's of the week before. Friday- Sunday after Easter look more than manageable for us. I'd stick with April for the better weather. We were in Orlando for 11 full days and only had rain 1 day, starting about lunchtime and lasting 3-4 hours. Cooled things off enough that we needed to return to hotel to get our sweatshirts since we were staying late in park. The other 10 days it was beautiful, highs in low 80's (and some 70's). Hope this helps you decide! P.S. Our AK day that was supposed to be a 6 or so, was actually a 10 due to the rain the day before. AK at a 10 had no effect on us- went to EE, followed our touring plan, had FPP scheduled for afternoon, went to the shows during busiest part of day. It was a fantastic day, and it was a 10. The people who were miserable showed up at 11-12 and wanted to do the rides we did from 8-11.

Which week was your spring break this year @alitig1? We were there April 2-13th and the weather was amazing. Guessing earlier in March?

We had Mid March, the 15th is my son's birthday and we were there for it. It was a miserable time

Sorry you had a miserable time! The weather in Florida can really mess with activities. The one day it rained in Epcot, I was determined to poncho up and carry on, but it sucked! World Showcase is just not that fun in a poncho! Was so glad that it was only one afternoon, I really feel for those who end up with daily rain during their trips.

Oh, I live here so I am used to the weather but it just mad us feel bad that our super hyped up spring break trip was such a waste of resort time. Some of the other families going with us didn't have park tickets, it was supposed to be a pool and games trip.

What week for mid-June? I usually go to the world the 3rd week in April and the weather can be rainy but is usually not too hot. I love Flower and Garden as well. I must say, this year I went June 28th- July 4th. I also went for a weekend trip May 3-5. The June crowds were so much lower! I was expecting wall to wall people but it was amazing! Yes, it was hot and it rained everyday for at least an hour but with such light crowds I had a great time!

That's great to hear @PrincipalTinker we'll be there from 25th June through July 14. Was worried about crowds but with the exception of 4th July there seems to be parks crowd level 5/6 on the crowd tracker a lot of the days we'll be there.

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The plus to the week after Easter is that it will be during Epcot Flower and Garden festival. On average, April more likely to be rain-free. Easter is early this year, so the week after may be one of the better crowd weeks - many schools are either mid-March or later in April for spring break.

I prefer visiting in the spring. Crowds will be there either time that you are considering. Neither will be the most crowded time of the year, but both will be busy. Considering that, I'd prefer to visit in the spring before the weather gets hots and the daily afternoon rainstorms arrive. You can still have a good time visiting in summer, but it's nicer to walk out of the room and not be a sweaty mess before you get to your car/bus/boat/monorail.

Spring Break is super busy!! June is still pretty good crowd wise.. crowdwise June wins

Spring Break weather is cool morning 60s+ to highs of 80s.. but humidity is usually lower and doesnt have daily thunderstorms. June is pretty much summer already mornings are high 70s and it will get to 90 with high humidity and the daily thunderstorms start. Note - daily thunderstorms doesnt mean is actually rains daily everywhere, but the clouds, lightning and thunder will be around.

I rather have a lesser crowd than deal with some more weather.. so for me June wins and we usually visit in June pretty often over the years. But we usually stay away from Spring Break with all the added people coming down along with the millions of snowbirds still here for in Florida in the winter.

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