Spray Mist Fans in the Parks

Never done it.

Worth carrying around? Yea or nay?

Meh. Was worth it when we had a stroller. Now that I have to actually CARRY it all the time - no.


Cooling towels are better. Fold up and put in ziploc until ready to use, return to ziploc when done with it. More compact.


We are taking a stroller for DD5, but hoping not to have to use it all the time (or as little as possible)

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We bought one last April when it 94 degrees and we were sweltering in AK. I was skeptical, but they actually work really well for cooling you off quickly. My kids each carry their own backpack in the parks, so we just put it there. Used it a lot that trip. Took it again this year when we were just there, and used it several days. Worth it to us.

We go in August. It’s a must.

Animal Kingdom, perhaps. I don’t think it is necessary for any other park. A good percentage of the things you do are inside, and even queue lines are frequently indoors, so the time outside to me doesn’t justify the need for carrying around something.

But Animal Kingdom always feels much hotter than the other parks. I think it is partly because of the design, there is less breeze, more walking, and you spend less time indoors.

Another problem is humidity. If the humidity is too high (which it often is in central Florida) then spraying yourself doesn’t ultimately help much because the water just gets you wet but can’t evaporate effectively enough to aid in cooling. It is better to just be mindful and make sure you go indoors frequently…rides/queues, shops, eateries, etc.

Agreed. Plus it’s so lush there that I think the humidity is more rainforest-like.

I bought one last April on a day it was 92 degrees in MK. I carried it around my neck mostly because I really needed it. I will bring it with me for all trips from now on and only bring it to the parks when I think I will need it… which for me is about temps higher than 88 degrees.

My 30 something son uses his constantly in the very hot weather at the time we are in Disney.