Sprained ankle and stroller?

Of course. My daughter sprained her ankle today. Not terrible but enough. We fly tomorrow. We weren’t planning on a stroller but now I need to think about how to manage this. She could be fine in a day or not… She’s 6 and athletic. Now I’m thinking about an umbrella stroller and know nothing about my options there. Could run out to the store too but not sure how much I’m just over reacting or not!? Any advice?

Normal umbrella strollers can work if you’re not too tall (and at 6, if she’s not too tall!). Make sure you take her along and find something that she won’t be forced to being doing leg lifts in all day to keep her feet off the ground.

I hadn’t thought about the height issue. She’s in the 95 percentile so her feet would drag without a foot rest of some sort. Not sure how to adapt for this.

You may still be able to get a rental from one of the companies down there. Still leaves getting through the airport though.

I’d just call
Kingdom strollers for a single GT. Easy to push and she will be comfortable. I bet they could set it up for u.

Has anyone used the Disney rentals in park? I’m hoping she might be better in a couple of days and I would prefer to not have to take the strollers on the bus. Our first day is RD at Epcot international gateway. Disney shows a location for rental there. It seems like this might work?

i used the rentals in the park a number of years ago. It was a pretty easy process. However i noticed when we were there a couple week’s ago that there was ALOT of people rushing to return theirs right after fireworks, so that MIGHT be a hassle. Not sure if you have to officially sign it back it or just drop off.
If she is 95% in height maybe a wheelchair would be easier for her and you to push? I believe you can rent those as well.

She’s 50 pounds and 49 inches. She hasn’t been in a stroller for 3 years. But poor things hobbling around still this morning. I’m going to ask when we arrive at our hotel what they might recommend and if a wheelchair might work better. DH keeps saying he’s just gonna carry her around :woman_facepalming:

You’ve probably already done it, but be sure to wrap it with an ace bandage. Makes it tough to get a shoe on, but it will be much less painful to walk.

Ouch! Hope she heals quickly.

At age 6, my daughter needed a stroller at Disney in order to last RD to fireworks.

She is probably over the weight limit for most umbrella strollers. If you put too much weight on them, they are near impossible to push. I wouldn’t waste your money on this approach.

I would rent from a stroller company. If you find she doesn’t need it after a few days, then leave it in the room. The walk from the gates to the buses could be bad for someone with an injury - it’s not exactly “close”, then the walk from the bus to the resort room.

You can get support at the airport - but I don’t know how you arrange that. Probably check out your airports website.

We had to use a stroller for DS until he was 8 because of a medical condition. We found the rental of the CitiMini was able to accommodate his height/weight until then (granted, he’s always been a peanut, but at 8 he was close to 50 pounds I think). You can always rent and push her to a central place and leave the stroller while you visit an area and then load her up again to move to a different area to save walking and not stress the foot, but still give the flexibility to walk when she wants to. If it gets too bad, you can also visit guest services to have the stroller tagged as a wheelchair so she can stay in it through the lines. And if she doesn’t need it for the entire trip, you can leave it back at the room, but at least you have peace of mind and won’t need to deal with stopping to rent and return a stroller.

Good luck with whatever you choose and I hope she gets better quick!

Thanks all. Last minute scramble! You think you’re fully prepared and then life happens. I didn’t know about getting the strollers marked as wheelchairs. Thanks for that tip.

Stroller has been rented. Really appreciate all the help!