Spotting Dole Whip outside of Disney

We had ‘Dole Pineapple Softserve’ in Tennessee at an Orange Peal frozen yogurt store. This was Dole Whip. If you see dairy free pineapple at a frozen yogurt store, ask if it is Dole brand.

Funny, looks like the sign in my local Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Store.**strong

At my local Berri Yummi… frozen yogurt place. The real thing!

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@SimplyStacey, lucky u! We have an Orange Leaf. It’s close, but not quite the same. Maybe I need to bring some pineapple juice and make a float!

@splashmommy, its ironic… i dont even like them. But I still got really excited :pineapple:

We have that same sign at our Orange Leaf…I was having a “cheat” day and got one. Didn’t feel so bad after watching everyone pile up a year’s worth of candy on top of their ice creams, including my sons!! I thought my Dole Whip was a healthy indulgence after that trip!

They have Dole Whips at Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA.

Dole’s description page for its soft serve says that it is sold at Disney.

Supposedly it’s sold at Knoebels in Elysburg PA. I haven’t found it yet but will look Saturday again and report my findings.

It says dole at orange leaf. It just isn’t the same though. The texture is very gritty. Not whipped. Taste is a little tangy compared to dole whip. Same brand, different outcome.

I’ve had it at orange leaf a few times - they also have the orange flavor too - and each time I’ve had it is different - once @felesh it was been gritty but once it was just perfect and refreshing - the other time was something in between… My kids get other flavors there and they don’t like that place because it is inconsistent all around, especially compared to the two other yogurt places within a 10 block area.

We found Dole Whip at our local Wet n Wild this summer. DD10 was the first to spot it and was sooo excited! She has to get one every time we go, but I just can’t make myself try it! I think it is a Disney tradition and should stay that way!!

We sell Dole Whip at my Ice Cream stand in Denmark Maine and it quickly became the most popular item we serve.

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