Spotting Characters

So what is the scoop with character meets? I know some are listed with specific spots and times but there are others that just wonder around right? Specifically looking for Scooby Doo if anyone has any pointers! And Shrek- since his spot is under constructions, has he been seen elsewhere?

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Scoob and the gang are found in the Hollywood area of Universal Studios Florida.

My old article needs and update but this is a good start.


Thanks, this is excellent info!

Shrek and Fiona have been right outside of SpongeBob StorePants lately.


Does anyone know if any of the Trolls characters are still available to meet?


I just got back from a trip a week ago. The Trolls / Shrek / Puss In Boots and other DreamWorks characters now meet along the street in front of and around the NBC Media Center. Some will meet next to the Horror Make-Up Show theater.