Splitting our time. Is there an easier way?

I want to stay at a Disney hotel for 3 days (To visit universal) and then continue our stay for 9 more days with park tickets and dining plan. I think the only way I can do this is to make 2 separate reservations. One for 3 days and one for 9 days.
My question is will Disney make it so that we can stay in one room for 12 days or are they going to make us move for our second reservation of 9 days?_

what is the reasoning for the split - that can help in options to make it easier

If you are visiting Universal - STAY at Universal


Yes, we were able to call and put in a request for a continual stay with 2 separate reservations. We had no issues but, they would not guarantee that would happen. I would venture that there is cost savings for Disney mouse keeping to keep you in the same room though.

If I was doing Universal and planned on paying resort prices, I would DEFINITELY stay at Universal; the EE and express pass options are worth it - especially during the busy holiday season. That was our plan (in reverse order) for our last trip, but we had to cancel the US part of the trip because DW was not feeling well.

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Agree with the above advice - if you are going to visit Universal for several days then you are much better off staying at a UOR resort to get all of the on-site benefits.

I want to get the dining plan. So if I book for 12 days, then I would have to pay for dining and tickets for the full 12 days. This would be a waste considering that I would not be there for 3 of the days. So I figure that the best way is to make 2 reservations.
I don’t want to stay at USO because I don’t want to be bothered switching back to WDW early in the morning. I would just rather find good transportation.

I think you will find it much easier to stay at a US hotel for your days you are wanting to do US. If it is one day - not an issue - more than that. The hassle is minimal - and the convenience is awesome. Just my two cents. We did it and there was minimal concern. You WILL hit a crap load of traffic between the two if you are doing during the morning rush hour - so just something else to consider.

Last time we did it - we were there for 7 days so with 12 days - you won’t have any issues. However I STRONGLY suggest staying at US. You get many benefits by staying there - least of which is the convenience. US is MUCH smaller and you can literally walk from any hotel to the parks. Plus you get to enjoy the nights etc. If you stay at a delux you get express pass - I cannot over emphasize how beneficial this is you have to do NO PLANNING and you can basically walk on most rides.

The traffic between WDW and US everyday will be a HUGE pain in the rss.

I would pick either US or WDW as your first place and then when you are done - you go to the other. We did US for 3 days then got a car and got dropped off at WDW. Couldn’t be easier. The day we “moved” we did Univeral until we were “done” - called for a car - got to WDW - got to the hotel and then hit a park for the evening. It was easy and a relaxed day.


I get what you’re saying about transferring hotels in the morning you want to come back. What if you do your 3 US days at a US hotel, but move to the WDW hotel after you’re done the last day at US instead of in the morning?

Does anyone know if US holds a person’s luggage until the end of the day like WDW does? If they do, you can have your 3rd day at US, maybe make it a little earlier and then get transportation over to WDW for a room in the evening? You’d be tired that day, but you would have the evening to settle into your WDW hotel and get ready for a morning RD, if that’s what you’re planning.

Are you driving? If so, that’s only one trip from US to WDW, not 3 return trips between the two.