Splitting Magic Band Charges in One Room

Hey All!
I’ll be staying at AoA Cars Suite with my wife, son, and sister-in-law in May. My wife and I would like to use our magicbands to charge to our credit card and our sister-in-law would like to use her magicband to charge to her credit card. Is this possible, even if we are in the same room? Thanks!

Yes I’ve done this a few times. The front desk will get your bands set up with each of your credit cards.

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Agree. We have done this when we vacationed with our parents. The first time, which was right after the MB roll out, some of our charges were inexplicably on my mom’s bill, so just double check. They easily fixed it, but if you don’t pay attention it could happen. The second time this did not come up at all, and we did check after the first experience.