Splitting HS into two days

Well, tomorrow is my ADR day (which means I get to wake up at 3AM my time to make my reservations) and I’m still in a quandary about my HS days. I am considering doing half of the attractions one day and half the other. What do you think about this plan? Any suggestions on which lands/areas to group together?

We are a group of 5 West Coasters who don’t get to WDW often, and most of the group has never been. We are Star Wars fans who haven’t been to Galaxy’s Edge at either park and would love to dedicate a big chunk of time there. I am thinking of making a 4PM ADR at Oga’s and a 7PM Savi’s Workshop reservation with the plan being spending 4-5 hours in Galaxy’s Edge. I am still unsure about Genie+ but since the CL is 10, I suspect we will add it. There’s no way I’ll be able to swing ILL$ with the group, so that’s not an option.

I have 8 more hours to make my plans and figure out my ADR’s :grinning:

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A group of adults with no rider swap can do HS in one day. Splitting it into two can make certain things easier, especially if you plan to rope drop. But you really don’t need two full days. You could plan to hop on one or both days.

If you don’t have park hopper tickets, you could certainly have two fulfilling days at HS, but I’d need to know more before suggesting that you go to HS over one of the other parks.

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Our HS days are the last two days of our 11 day trip and we will want to take them at a relaxed pace. We are going to be exhausted, especially my mom who is in her 70’s. My thought is spend 6-7 hours in the park each day.

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To answer this, I would do SWGE one day, including Star Tours and Muppets, and everything else the other. Maybe add the Frozen Show and MMRR to the Star Wars day.