Splitting EP into two days

Hello. I am only at the parks for 3 whole days plus a few hours on the final day. I am doing parkhoppers so that I can squeeze in all four parks.

My FP reservations were on Tuesday. The way I have been planning what parks to do what days resulted in Epcot being the one I had to sacrifice not getting FPs for. I’m starting to think this was a mistake. I’m very suspicious of TouringPlans wait time accuracy considering when I’m going (Dec 18-21).

My plan to do all the tier 1s in Epcot I want (FEA, TT, and Soarin) was to split EP in two days being the first park I visit that day.

Considering where the attractions I want to do are located and considering how soon I want to get to my afternoon park. Here is the plan I am hoping for regarding Epcot with the intended goal of being at RD.

Day 1 - Be out by 10:30am (I have a FP at MK that expires at 11:45am)

Day 2 - Be out by 2-2:30pm. All the free time we have following the completion of the four attractions will be spent in WS before we head to our next park.

Now here’s the thing regarding RD: little guarantee will make it to rope drop on Day 1 due to arriving to Orlando late the night before. We’ll be lucky to actually be at the gate by 9am. Day 2 will be better RD wise.

Now if things don’t work out regarding RD on those two days, I can still rearrange my schedule to RD to Epcot any day I’m there actually. But I hope I don’t have to do 3 days straight of RD though.

I would be happy to hear your thoughts on this and any advice. Thanks.

Hmmmm…if you’re not going to be there at RD on Day 1, are you going just to get one headliner out of the way? If so, I’d make it Soarin’. The third theater has increased capacity enough that you should be able to get through it and be out by 10:30 a.m., if you arrive by 9:30.

On Day 2 I’d head for FEA first thing, if you can single-rider Test Track after.

What’s the 4th attraction you wanted to see?

You’ll be have to make your plans public before we can see them. It’s a box you can check in the “edit plan” area. Once you’ve done that, we will have a better sense of what you’re planning.

In general, I think the top tier FPs that are most necessary are Frozen Ever After, Peter Pan and 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. Also, I always feel like I’m getting the most done in the first few open hours at Magic Kingdom. The other parks are nice at rope drop too, but the smaller number of things to do and the longer walking distances make it feel less efficient. That’s just my perception though.

Oh! Never mind! Listen to Len. He knows way more than I do! :blush:

Were the links not enough?

Anyway the attractions I put in those plans are my basic attraction goals and things can be altered if necessary. I have no clue what time we’ll make it to Epcot on day one but I think I will try and squeeze Soarin on that day regardless. Then on day two I’ll rope drop to FEA and the rest of the day can be done laxed.

No, the links are not public. On your TPs you need to go to “edit” and then publish the plan. Once that is done you can share the link here.