Splitting check on meal plan

So my husband and I are going with my brother and SIL. We are sharing a room. We have a deluxe meal plan. We have some meals where we are not together, but most are. Does anyone know if we are able to tell the server that we are a couple and they are a couple and while we r on the same meal plan, scan us separately so that we can b charged whatever we get as a couple individually so we can tip accordingly to what we get?

We we went a few years ago we went as a big family one person did the scanning and we figured out the tip and difference at the end of what we had to split. As easy as it sounds that wasn’t the easiest thing to do and to figure out how much each individual owed and it sucked making one person have to pay all that and wait to get payed back.

Does anyone see a problem with us saying we are a couple and they are a couple and then scanning their band and our band even though all the meals aren’t together on the same reservation?

They will split the bill for you anywhere except BOG.

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If something happens and you end up wig extra credits you can use yours for some of their meals as well these days.

We have table service for breakfast lunch and dinner every day and only one is not with them but kinda cuz we got reservations at the same place same time but separated to have a date type night haha.

I guess as long as they don’t care that it’s the same meal plan but we want it split then we should be fine. I just know we will be ordering more things like drinks when they won’t as my SIL is preggo.

You have deluxe though- right? Are your dinners at signature restaurants?

Yes we have deluxe and a couple r at signature places