Splitsville - details?

I’ve seen this place mentioned and I think DD6 would get a kick out of it (she loves bowling, not that we are good or anything!), but I don’t know that I’ve ever really seen an in-depth review and have a few questions. I know we can reserve dining, how does bowling work? I saw a form on their off-Disney website for reservations but it seems like it’s for group rentals. Would we be able to bowl just the two of us? Reserve ahead of time or walk in? Does it get super crowded? We’d be going on a weeknight, probably Monday.

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I was just there this week, and we were there in December. You can reserve through the website for just 2. They charge more for walk ups. The bowling is a tad pricey, but it’s bc you get a block of time, not a number of frames. And the shoes are included. When we went in December and DH and DS bowled it was 1 hour of bowling for 2 people. We ate first and then bowled and when we went upstairs to bowl we found out that table service is included with the lane, so we could’ve done both at the same time. It was a lot of fun and the food is surprisingly good. Way better than your typical bowling alley fare.


Splitsville is one of my family’s favorite spots and it’s the only reason we ever go to Disney Springs (or the new addition at Downtown Disney at DLR).

Their website it horrible! I always just walk up and only ever had a minimal wait, but yes you can call for reservations direct.

The food is very yummy. I was just saying in another thread that I find the sushi really fresh and prefer it to anywhere else in the parks, excluding Morimoto which I haven’t tried yet.

It’s super clean on the inside and there’s a big table for all your food while you eat. I get grossed out at bowling and then eating with my fingers, so I really love that I can use chopsticks and my game doesn’t suffer (who am I kidding, I’m horrible, but still). They have a ton of TV’s too and usually have a variety of sports on.

Yes it can get crowded, but not 60+lane crowded. There aren’t more than 4 lanes per seperate area iirc, and we’ve never had a problem with anyone, or anything yet. We’ve only walked away knowing that we already can’t wait to come back.

The drinks are super yummy and will sneak up on you, so just be careful if you indulge.


I forgot to mention the staff is usually spot on, exceptionally friendly and very accommodating. My single complaint would probably be between floor guests and those bowling, the sushi orders get backed up if they only have one sushi chef working, but they usually ply us with drinks when that happens and we end up forgetting to care.