Split trip issues?

Have you ever had issues with making dining reservations because the second half of your trip doesn’t consistently (or at all) show up? I don’t remember having this issue in the past.

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The second half of your trip will show up when the start of that trip is 60 days away

That is usual and expected

Is that what you’re asking?


I’m at the 60 day mark for the second resort stay. Went to make reservations today and about 90% of the time, the second part of my trip would not allow me to make reservations. Even now, it’s still happening. Once in a while, my second part shows up, but mostly not.

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Oh that’s a platform glitch that can happen any time

  • Try using the app
  • Try using the browser
  • Try using the browser in incognito mode
  • Close out of everything and start over

It’s a Disney IT “feature” :wink:


So this is a known thing, huh? Crap.

I did try those but missed my opportunity to book our top 4 choices because of that. Maybe they wouldn’t have been available anyway.

It’s a known issue.
I’d like to say they are working on it, which is typically the second half of that sentence when I say it here at work

But I don’t think they are.

What are your choices? It’s also possible those calendars have not been uploaded by the location(s) - which also happens fairly regularly, and seems to hit the HS restaurants most of all.


Ha, good to know I’m not alone, but I hate that other people experience this.

I wanted Liberty Tree on Thanksgiving any time
Topolino’s breakfast 11/22
CRT 11/21 any time
Space 220 11/18 lunch

LTT will be a tough one, esp if Thanksgiving is your day1 which I think it is right?

Topo’s continues to be a huge challenge but will open if you stalk and/or set up res finder.

The other two are always tough, but I 'm a little surprised at CRT

I would prioritize which ones you’d like to set up on res finder and then once you capture one add the next most important and so on. And I would stalk regularly.

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Great advice, thanks! I have MouseFinder (paid) going and TP as well.
Hopefully if I get a chance at one, it’ll let me book it!


I had the same problem on ADR day last week. Nothing came up for CRT and CG until I logged off the MacBook and logged in on my phone.
Narcoossee’s continues to elude me for my trip in a few weeks. I have been trying since day 60- and nothing. No matter what day or time I choose for seven straight days. I thought logging into my husband’s desktop would change things, but it didn’t. In the case of Narcoossee’s, I think they are withholding availability.

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They are re-closing (or re-closed by now?) for refurb.

Yes, again

It’s not clear why though someone did say on FB that this was the plan all along? I don’t recall that.


Ohhhhh! Thank you.

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I think it’s an equipment upgrade for Narcoosees. Not sure how long it’s closed for though.

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