Split Stays - have you noticed any changes to FP booking?

I hesitated to post this, because the situation isn’t at all clear right now.

However there seem to have been more than usual posts on the DIS from people with split stays who were unable to book all their Fastpasses at their 60 day mark.

As I say, this is confusing. It doesn’t help that their “guru” mod has retired, but the regular knowledgeable members are still trying to establish why some people have had issues.

Also worth stressing that just as many are posting that they had one booking window for a split stay. It’s only the number of anomalies that has me wondering if this is a change.

It might be useful if liners with split stays could post their actual experience since the start of February with FP booking when they have two Disney reservations (we know DS - DIsney reservations don’t open up the entire window). I haven’t seen anyone here say they couldn’t book all of them, so I’m cautiously optimistic it’s just human error &/or glitches.

Info that would be useful:
resorts and dates
type of stay (package / room-only / DVC) for each resort
ticket type (stand-alone / AP etc)
how did you book - direct, a regular TA, 3rd party like Priceline, convention rate etc

I haven’t seen any reports of that on chat either, but I’ll look out for them.

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We have a split stay in April. 3 nights at YC then 2 nights at POR. We have the Room and DDP, and we purchased the 4-park magic tickets. Booked through our regular Disney TA. Our FP day was February 7, and we had no trouble. Our entire stay opened up at 60 days.


This is beyond the usual confusion of expecting the Disney Springs resorts to work the same way as onsite?

Yes. All onsite resorts. Back to back. But some info is missing, which makes it hard to tell. No-one’s asked them if they have both reservations showing in MDE for example. Or if they have some special type of deal.

Added to which, because the all-knowing mod has gone, no one is poised, ready to ask them the pertinent questions when they post.

They’ve lost a great mod who really knew her stuff. And now what used to be a thread of questions with definitive answers is now just a load of inaccurate answers and unanswered questions.

It’s a real loss IMO.

Upcoming room only reservations booked on the website. April 25-28 at AoA and April 28-May 1 at CBR. Annual passes for all room occupants. No issues booking fast passes on Feb 25 for the entire stay

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Wow! So many people take that board as the only Disney truth. If there are reports for people that did not set up tickets the correct way then it would be really bad info.

I have never, ever had to have any reservations “linked” in all my dvc stays. That is true for cash bookings, dvc bookings, and combo cash/dvc bookings.

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What I meant was are the reservations showing in MDE.

I’ll edit to avoid confusion!

I booked FP on 2/19 for an on-site split stay.
Checking in to Pop on 4/19, 1 night stay and checking into AKL on Monday, 4/20. My whole FP window opened up at 60 days (2/19).

Pop reservation is room-only, AKL is a ticketless package with QS dining. Booked myself through Disney reservations website. I have an AP and purchased tickets for my husband and daughter on UT and linked them in MDE.

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This happened to us. Bare with me, long story… 2 week trip, 14 day ticket, 6 nights Beach Club, 1week off site, final night at Disney Springs hotel. FPs for Beach Club days were OK at 60 days but couldn’t book FPs at 60 days for Disney Springs. Spoke to Disney IT, far from helpful & didn’t fix it, then emailed and spoke to Customer Relations. They still couldn’t fix it but we got some Anytime FPs. After that and quite randomly I was able to book FPs for the Disney Springs days but noticed that one day it was possible then another day it was not. Anyway, we reached our 30 day “offsite” FP booking last Thursday but could not book anything. So I called Disney IT again and spoke to someone who spoke to someone who new how to actually fix it. They issued our party with FP Planning Key Card “tickets” which enabled FP booking for all our “missing” days including the Disney Springs days. Quite a mission, but got there in the end.

I have a split stay, both reservations on my DVC points. WL/CC 4/17-4/21 and then AKLJambo 4/21-4/26. Booked myself directly on the DVC owners site, both linked fine in MDE. I have an AP. My FPP window opened on 2/17 and I was able to book for both (not 4/17 because that is an AP Gold Pass blackout day, but I knew that) with no trouble.

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So that’s an issue with the DS resorts. They don’t work the same as Disney ones, and have always been glitchy. Mainly because in order to be able to show the reservations in MDE DIsney had to deal with totally different reservation number formats and so on.

And that’s why a split stay even between say CBR and a DS Resort is not recognised as a continuous stay, and has separate booking windows.

In your case it sounds like something about the DS night screwed up MDE so you couldn’t even book FPs at 30 days.

It almost seems like the system saw it as maximum FP booking had been reached

As if they had an AP, instead of a 14 day ticket. A weird one!

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