Split stay with rented DVC points, cancelled regular resort, and no FP cancelled. Yet. 🤞

I have a split stay booked with rented DVC points and a park ticket linked to my account. I also had a room-only stay booked for the same timeframe at POR. I made my ADRs at 180 days and my FP at 60 days from my arrival date. I cancelled the POR room this morning, 33 days before my arrival.

Once I cancelled, I got the following messages:

FastPass+ selections associated with this reservation have been canceled.
If you have theme park tickets purchased independently from this reservation, you may access FastPass+ service 30 days prior to your visit.

Please be aware that any existing dining, tour or recreation reservations you have booked have not been canceled. If you wish to modify or cancel these types of reservations, please contact us.

However, as of right now my FP have not been cancelled. They’re still showing up on MDE on my computer. Fingers crossed that there are no problems! If there are, I’ll update this thread.

Optional background, if you want more details: Last fall, I booked two sets of DVC rooms: a split stay with two days in two studios at BW and the rest of the time in two studios at AK. I rented points through David’s for the DVC rooms. Since I was nervous about the whole thing, I also booked two POR rooms for the same timeframe. I figured that if the whole renting points thing went south, at least I’d have the POR rooms. My intent was to cancel the POR rooms sometime after the 30 day mark, i.e. maybe 25 days before arrival. I’ve been nervous about losing my FP, so I decided to cancel POR just before the 30 day mark. That way, worst case scenario, I’d at least be able to rebook FP before the offsite crowd.

I would watch your fast passes for the next 48 hours. They have been cancelling fast passes but as far as I know there hasn’t been enough data to say if your fast passes are safe. @Nickysyme, what do you think?

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Should be fine, because you have a reservation for the same dates.

That message is standard, and the reservation and/or FPs will have been flagged. Then, a couple of days later they will check if there is another reservation booked for the same dates. If there isn’t then the FPs will be deleted. But as long as there is one, the FPs will remain.

You have 48 hours to rebook and link it into MDE.


Someone on the touring plans chat tested a room only cancellation between 31-60 days and lost the FPs. They have made another reservation and are testing under 30 days.

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Love that they are testing that.

They are 100% deleting FPs where there isn’t another reservation.

Once they’ve done a cancellation inside 30 days, can you ask them to do a split stay and book FPs for both parts. And then just cancel the first part.

I’m really hoping they can make that work. Maybe not a popular opinion here, but it’s an unfair advantage IMO.

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What if:

  • You book a room only reservation and make FPP selections at 60 days
  • Cancel the first reservation at 31 days
  • Book a second room only reservation at 30 days
  • Wait a few days to make sure that the FPPs stick
  • Cancel the second reservation

Would that confuse the system, as the FPPs would be associated with a reservation within the 30-day window?

Just thinking out loud. No recommending anything. No discussion here about The Trick That Must Not Be Named, move along people…


I am asking now!

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That is an interesting idea.

So it sounds like you are saying this is not automated. Its done by humans based on an automated flag. Will ne hearder to get around the system with a human doing the checking

Yes it’s automated. Simple enough programming to do it.

Eliminating the leading reservation trick is slightly more difficult, but should still be doable. It’s just not clear yet if they’re actually doing it. They didn’t have to do it when split stays had separate booking windows, so we don’t know if it’s in effect.

You need to add dates, I can’t work out what your plan entails!

However, cancelling a reservation within 30 days should still result in deleted FPs.

Same process as now, if a reservation is cancelled and there is no replacement, any FPs associated with that MDE account get deleted. That could happen, and whether it does is being tested.

What is your thinking? Why would bookinh and canceling at 31 daya trick the system?

I asked this in another thread, but curious if anyone else has an opinion.

I wonder if my FP reservations will be cancelled if I do an overlap leading reservation with my reservation at the dolphin resort and then cancel it when my dolphin FP selection opens up. The dolphin resort isn’t a disney resort but it does have almost the same perks including the 60+ FP selection. I have a 8 people in my group and just worried I won’t get my FP selections I want.

Having re-read this, I realise what he’s suggesting (yesterday was a slow day!).

You cancel at 31 days out and rebook at 30, so you’re within the offsite FP booking window. Then cancel later on. Some think they will let the FPs stay because anyone can book them at 30 days.

Two things:

  1. They could still delete them. They were gained with an unfair advantage, they could just say “start over”. We have to wait and see on that.

  2. Someone (sorry, forgot user name) on another thread has just said they lost FPs overnight. Now that’s unusual, since they have said they allow you time to rebook. But it’s a risk, and to be honest, I would always suggest rebooking first, then cancelling.

After reading this about 5 times. I understand. I did a little test yesterday Yesterday, I made a reservation for 1person 40 days out. I made one fast pass reservation for someone in my family/friends list with an annual pass but none for me. I then canceled the reservation. I did not get an email confirming the cancelation or an email about 2 days to rebook. Thr reservation though is not there in MDE but the fatspass I made is still there. When I canceled the message came up that fastpasses would be canceled. But that message is not new.

So you made a fast pass for someone under the umbrella policy, but not for anyone onbthe reservation?

Yes, that is what I did. NO fastpass for the person on the reservation (me) but an umbrella fastpass.

Did they get an email?

No one knows yet or, if they do they haven’t reported it on a forum I’ve seen.

It all depends on how much they want to eliminate the loophole. Can it be done? Yes. Will it be done? Pass.

No, she did not get an email. The booking, making fast pass, and canceling happened all with about 20 minutes. Neither of us got an email.