Split stay ticket question!

Just changed my reservations up a bit. Doing 5 nights at POR using free dining package, and will have a 7 day park ticket. Then doing 3 nights at AK (room reservation only).
Just want to make sure I’ll be able to use the extra 2 days of park tickets while we’re at AK? Or do we need to buy separate park tickets for the AK stay and change the POR tickets to 5 days? I really don’t want to do that as it will be more $$.

When we went on our Honeymoon December 19 - 31, 2017, we spent 2 nights at AKL club level Savanah view and then 10 nights at CS. Our main package including the dining was for the CS part. We had to wait until the day we were checking into CS to go use our tickets. We were told if we stayed at CS first and had the tickets with that, we would have been able to use them for the 2nd part of the stay.
Things may have changed but based on what you said, I believe you will be able to use the tickets with the 2nd part of the stay.


Thanks! I’m hoping that’s the case :blush:

There has been some talk about them the rolling 60 window stopping but I think with your second stay you should be fine. I am just not clear if it is still “a sure thing”.

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How was this?

You will still be able to use the tickets for the second stay. You’ll have 7 days of tickets which I think are valid for 10 days from first use.

Currently you can book FPs for all 7 days at 60 days out from the Poly check-in date. Nothing that I’ve seen suggests that is changing yet.


I don’t know where I heard it this week but there was a report (maybe a wdwnt news update ) that said they were trying to close the ability to book 60 days, once at a time, after a stay. I know this is two on-site stays but if you ask a CM they will tell you that each window opens at days 60. I don’t think they can do this because with DVC so many do split stays, but I think we should watch?

Agreed! I have speculated that this could be the case, since I think it is an unintended feature. And it would be a really easy way to deal with leading reservations too; since each reservation would have their own window it would negate any benefit. I’d laugh if it was WDWNT, they could have just lifted my comments on WDWMagic and used it as a source - they are well known for doing that, albeit unlikely to have used my comments :rofl:

It would impact DVCers, but there are ways round that, if they are minded to.

In any case the OP would at worst have two windows for booking. But they were asking about whether they could use their tickets for their second stay. And the answer to that is a definite yes.


The room was very comfortable, the bathroom was the best I’ve seen in a resort, the bed was like heaven. It was nice looking out seeing some animals. The lounge was ok, nothing great. The Special Service you get prior to getting there and can call while there, that was great. It was our honeymoon and we did try to relax. Was it worth the extra money? Well, from a purely dollar point of view, no, not at all. The service, now that is worth the extra price as it was the best of any I’ve experienced at Disney World.

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Are you getting nervous about your choice?

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Now which mischievous little fairy could be making me nervous? I now have 2 nights AKL standard for DD25, then DS21 and I join her for one night, then 7 nights at AKL Club level with DDDP and 14 day tickets , then 5 nights FQ plus MNSSHP ticket, then 7 nights at HRH Club level. I am waiting for RIP tour and Frequent Fear to be released. Given that this started as a 7 night trip for HHNs, I question my sanity.:joy:

CM told me this 2 days ago.