Split stay, same resort

When MVT booked my POR reservation they did a split stay to take advantage of their agency specials. I was able to link both reservations in MDE, is there a way for MDE or guest services to just make it one big stay? I’m guessing not. I’m okay with having to “check out” and back in but I really don’t want to have to switch rooms! If I have to it’s not the end of the world, just looking to see if I can prevent it. Any advice?

Also, will I need a second magic band for the second stay? If my park ticket is for 6 days can I book at 60 days for all days? Does this work ok with DME?

Sorry for so many questions! So excited for this trip. My wife has been working full time and attending nursing school full time for two years. This is our celebration of all the hard work and a little R&R before we jump into our next adventure-- foster care!

I don’t think there is a way for it to be turned into one big stay.

You will not need a 2nd Magic Band. The bands are linked to your MDE account which is linked to both your hotel reservations. Any magic band linked to your MDE can be used for any trip. You can use them interchangeably.

Are you in the same room type/view for both reservations? You can call guest services and request that you stay in the same room. They make a note on each reservation. Technically, it is not guaranteed, but the request will likely be honored.

You will have two different 60 day booking windows for FPs. You can book at 60 for the length of the first stay only. This is a very recent change. You used to be able to book for all days at once.

I think you will need to book your arrival flight DME through your first reservation and your departure through your second hotel reservation. I haven’t booked DME so I am not positive how it works. If you have issues, call the DME number and they can help you out.

Congratulations and have a great trip!

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How many days is each part? I would call. With the new FP booking you may have issue?

Thanks, I’ll call in the AM. 6 nights and then 3 nights.

Thank you, this is very helpful!

I have a similar split stay and am going to call and have a note put in that I would like to stay in my same room and plan on also at least talking to them about the FPP issue. I will also use the TP room fax request to reiterate my desire to stay in the same room and then also go to the front desk at check in!

If it’s the same room category, it’s unlikely you’ll have to switch rooms. I do this all the time at different hotels when I’m combining a points and cash stay. It costs them way more to turnover a room than keep you in it. Just call or let them know at check in you have a consecutive reservation.