Split Stay Questions

For our next trip, we are planning a total of 10 days with split stay at either Pop Century or Art of Animation AND Wilderness Lodge. We plan to end with WL, but the question is, how many days do we stay at the value before moving over to WL? For this purposes, pretend the cost is the same per night (which it almost is when considering the suites at AoA and certain rooms at WL). What is the ideal split for a 10-day trip? 5+5, 4+6, 6+4, 3+7??

Also, can we book both resorts at the same time with the discounted Magic Your Way tickets for 10 days or do we have to buy separate tickets for each resort stay? (I think the answer to this is that we can, but I’m thinking I can’t do this online through MDE can I? I think this requires an agent or booking directly over the phone through Disney.)

And will we get separate dining plans on each stay, or one total plan, or does it even matter?

You should buy a package for your first part of your stay and buy tickets that will cover your whole stay. You then do RO for the second half. Your DP will be connected to the first have so credits end the nigh you check into second resort. You would pay out of pocket the rest of your stay. If you really fount on the dining plan I would do 6/4 split so that you have dining a majority of your stay.

Take into account your park days, too, to minimize transportation times. For example, we’re staying at YC for 5 nights, then Poly for 3. For the first part, we’ll be touring EP & HS heavily (and AK some), the last part will be all MK.

I’ve no idea if the values are any close enough to any park to give you an advantage, but you’ll definitely want to spend your WL time in MK, right?

You should also see if a room only discount would save you more than a free dining offer. If so, you’d book 2 RO ressies (that’s 2 nights deposit req’d). And pay all meals out of pocket. If you love the DDP, do what PrincpT said and stay longer under a package then go to RO.