Split stay questions 2025

Hi everyone,
My cousin is gracious enough to sell me some DVC points for April 2025 and I’m a newbie to this whole thing.

I’m hoping to do a split stay with 3 nights at AKL value studio then moving to a savannah view for 3 nights due to points available. I know the values are hard to come by.

My questions:

  1. can she try to book both these reservations on the same day or will it be the value one day then the savannah view 3 days later?
  2. when I’m booking my ADRs, will I be able to book out from the first reservation start date?


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She can book both on the same day. What day that is will depend if she owns there or somewhere else. Even if she owns there the value will be difficult if not impossible to book without stalking.

No. You’ll have two ADR dates - one for the start of the first reservation and a second for the start of the second reservation.

Thanks so much!

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I actually think she will have to book on two different days if you are booking 11 months out (only hope for the value?). The second booking date will be 3 days later.


Oh right. I forget that it goes down to the day

Thanks for that detail!


One advantage to it being two seperate bookings.is that you have two shots at the value studios. So she can try for value at day 1 and if it isn’t available book the Savannah, and then try again for the value for the 2nd half of the stay.

I’m not sure how much work she wants to do, but availability sometimes opens up for the values later.


Hmm just curious if split stays will get the 2x waterpark deal…

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Yes. You get that with each check in


Oh that’s actually kinda nice way to spend the few hours between rooms


One thing you can also do- if the budget allows- is book a cash night or two to get all nights at the savannah view. You can then waitlist the 3 value nights and if it comes thru great- and if not you’re still all set. Cash nights can be cancelled up until the 7-night waitlist expires- so it really gives you the most options.


Yes. Exactly my thought.

We’ve never been to the water parks. But we probably would go for free


Thanks for that. I do have three nights I’m holding at the all stars just in case the value doesn’t come through