Split stay questions 1

When doing a split stay do I just send my luggage to bell service the morning we switch resorts and then they transport it?
Can I then head to a park and get luggage from bell service at the new resort that night?
Do I have to “check in” to the new resort?

I do online check in for both resorts. In the first resort call to bell services about a half hour before you are heading to the park and tell them you want your luggage transported to the next resort. They will ask how many bags and where they are going. Your bags are “now in the system”. When they come make sure they give you a claim ticket with a number (twice I needed this including my last stay). New lesson I learned - make sure they have labeled your luggage for the right resort😉.

You then go to the parks. President’s week I received a text telling me what my next room was and I went directly there. When I got down to my room I called to bell services about my bags.

You should tip when they pick up your bags and when they drop them off. I have heard a few reports that some resorts are automatically delivering the bags but I don’t think you can expect that.

I love split stays! Enjoy!

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Does it matter how late we arrive to the 2nd resort? Will our bands automatically work to get us in?

I’d recommend stopping at the front desk to make sure the bands are updated for the 2nd resort. It’s a bummer to get to your room and not be able to open the door.

Did you get 2 sets of bands or opt for a single set? I’ve always gotten 2 sets and switched when I get to the 2nd resort. That probably complicates things a bit. If you just have the one band for the duration of the trip, it may automatically update. It doesn’t hurt to double check at the desk though.

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We had three people on our reservation and we did have an issue with one band. We always test our bands before entering the room. This is the first time I ever had an issue with a MB but it was easily fixed. I think our issue was we still had AKL club access.

I was going to ask a question along these lines - we are split staying next week at AKL -Kidani and BLT. We have 2 sets of magic bands. On the changeover day we plan on following the basic plan @principaltinker outlined above - have bell services take our bags at AKL in the morning, head to AK for 3-4 hours, then head directly to BLT for pool time. That night we’ll head to the MK for Wishes.

My only remaining question - how do I know when to switch bands? Thanks!

You don’t have to switch bands at all, so it’s entirely up to you. You can mix and match as you please, whatever goes best with your outfit! Both should work interchangeably. I used all of mine, DS just used one for our entire stay.

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If you are only planning on going to the park for 3-4 hours, I might pack your swimsuits and other pool necessities with you just to make sure you have them when you get to BLT. Bag transfers can be quick, but 3 hours may be pushing it, and if your room isn’t ready yet, then you won’t have to dig out all of your clothes in the middle of the lobby. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @megan484! Good advice.