Split-Stay Question

We have a reservation booked for FD from 11/27-12/3. We are flying in on 11/24 and originally thought we’d be staying at Universal from 11/24-11/27 but have decided to spend our entire trip on Disney property and then travel off property to see other Florida attractions.

My questions, are we able to pick up our Disney Park Hopper tickets and resort mugs on 11/24 when we arrive for the first part of our stay or do we have to wait until we check-in on 11/27?

How do we add extra days to our tickets? Would I do this on our reservation that has the FD?

Oh goodness, now I am all sorts of confused. The more I think about this split-stay the more I think it may not work?

Thanks for any light you can shed on this confusing (to me) topic :slight_smile:

I assume then you have a package booked, including tickets from 27th?

If this is the case, then I believe you can pick up your tickets and activate them 3 or 4 days early. However you won’t be able to book fastpasses for those pre-package days until you have activated them.

So 60 days out from 27th you can book fps for the 27th onwards, for as many days as you have valid tickets. For the 24th to 26th, you can book all 3 days as soon as you activate the tickets.

As for adding days, you can do that when you pick them up. Whether you can do it ahead of time I don’t know.

I would phone and see what they say. You might be able to rebook the entire package, depending on availability.

Or plan your days so you travel offsite in those first 3 days, so any park time in the evenings is bonus time, and just see what fps you can get. But then you might be as well staying at one of the Disney Springs resorts and save some money.

Yes, you are correct. We have a FD package that we booked back in April for the dates of 11/27-12/3 with Park Tickets and Park Hopper Passes.