Split Stay Question

Our original plan was to leave on a Friday afternoon, drive part of the way, and finish the drive on Saturday morning. We’ve found out that our son will likely be out of school that Friday, so we’ve decided we will drive the whole way that day(about 9-10 hours). I looked at surrounding hotels, but am thinking of just adding a 1 night room only reservation for that Friday. Our reservations are 10/7-10/14 at AS Movies. We are doing the dining plan, plus room rates have increased since we booked, so I’m not wanting to alter my original reservation since it would be significantly more. I’m thinking of adding a one night (10/6) room only reservation at AS Movies. Has anyone done this before? Any chance we’d be allowed to keep the same room and carry over to the next reservation? Or would we be required to leave the room by 10 and stay gone until another room is available? Our TA has a room on hold for us, but I just want to get some more info before I finalize.