Split stay payment question - plus more questions

We are doing a split stay at YC for a week and GF for a week starting 5/31. So since the beginning we could see our balance on MDE for YC. I don’t remember how it was when we were originally staying at CR, ever since Disney had us change to GF we have seen the reservation but not balance information. Instead we got a letter in the mail about our GF stay.

So more than a week ago we got email reminders to pay our YC balance and we did. We have not gotten ANYTHING about our remaining balance for GF (check in 6/7)! What do I do? I can’t pay it online. Do I have to call and be on hold forever to ask to pay? That feels weird, but I’m also afraid if I don’t they will cancel our GF res (anxiety stinks). Is this normal? Advice needed. Also, if I have to call what number and what are their hours. This just feels odd to me.

Did you have a balance for your CR stay?

It changed to GF we got moved due to renovations. So no CR. Yes we have a balance on GF.

I understand that but did you have a balance on your CR booking? Did you still owe 6 nights?

Yes at the time they switched us there was a balance on CR. That got transferred to GF as far as I know.

If it is room only you could be charged automatically on check in day. Is your first stay a package?

Not anymore. It’s complicated because we had 3rd party tickets that didn’t get used thanks to covid. I think I originally did YC as a package and then discovered that I had these extra tickets so had to go and get the older ones updated and upgraded and then have the package ones removed.

So if it’s a room only stay you don’t pay the balance until you get there? But packages pay the balance 30 beforehand?

Yes but generally they might charge you the night before check in.

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That’s fine. Lol. It’s just confusing to have two different procedures for billing.

Thanks so much!!!

Generally with a room only booking you can call and make payments, but not do it online.


For room-only you pay one night, usually when you book. The rest is charged at check-in.

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Having read through some of the posts about this I want to make sure my timeline/understanding is correct.

Morning of switch, call down to Bell Services and tell them we need luggage transferred to GF, wait about 30 minutes. Identify cold/frozen items. Check out (at front desk or room??)

We are wanting to go to DS (I know crazy busy but we will deal). We have a 7:45 pm Ragland Road ADR as an end to the shopping day.

While at DS we should get a room ready text from GF? (I have done the online check in) Also, at some point our luggage will be transferred to GF.

When we get to GF from DS it shouldn’t matter if it’s late we can go to our room and then call down to Bell Services to have our bags and stuff brought up. Tipping at both YC and GF.


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I have not gone to the desk and checked out of a Disney resort since around 2007?

I know people do that for split stays with a dining plan but I don’t think you need to do that.

Everything else is perfect. Sometimes your 2nd room only text comes when you arrive on the grounds of your 2nd resort.

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Thank you so much for verifying. Your expertise is so helpful!!

Good to know about the room text otherwise I might get worried it hadn’t come. But as long as I have done the online check in, it won’t matter that we are arriving later.

I always check out in person on a split stay, dining plan or not.

Occasionally there can be issues with magic bands not opening doors at the next resort and so I just make sure we’re properly checked out.

And if you don’t get the room text sometimes the room # will appear on MDE. If not, just go to the front desk on arrival and they’ll tell you.

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Thanks so much!

I didn’t know this. So for my room only stay I have to call to pay it? No way to do it online?

The process for this is: leave the room. That’s it. No checkout process.

Theoretically but there have been numerous reports of rooms not ready until well after the 3pm check in time. If you’re ready before you get the text you can ask at the desk upon arrival to GF.

Yes. They might put the bags right in the room but that seems less common than needing to call upon arrival to your room, especially in Covid.

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I don’t check out- even with the dining plan.