Split Stay - Magic Bands

I have a split stay and was wondering about the Magic Bands. I originally booked the first 2 nights of our trip at AoA through Undercover Tourists and the last 5 nights at GFV through David’s DVC rentals. I already ordered and received the MBs for the GFV stay. Then I needed to add my son to the reservations and since you can’t add someone if you booked the Disney hotel through UT, I ended up booking a new res directly through Disney for AoA (was about ~$75 more, btw) and cancelling the UT res. Now Disney is asking me to order MBs for the the AoA stay.

Here’s the question - do the MBs have all info from MDE for entire trip or just for the days associated with the hotel stay?(i.e., do the ones I originally ordered based on the GFV stay have FPs for the AoA portion of my trip loaded on them and will they open the door at our AoA room?) I think it’s the entire stay but want to be sure? And if I order a second set of MBs. are they dupes of each other so it’s like having a spare?

You can decline magic bands during the online check in process if you want. The MBs connect to your MDE account. I have recently found for split stays if I do not decline the MBs the bands ordered for that stay are the only ones set to open the room door. You can try to unlock door feature in the app, or go to the front desk to change that.

MBs are linked to your MDE account. So, any room, tickets, or credit card also linked to your account, can be accessed with any of your MBs regardless of trip.

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My split stay in February and August the door unlock feature only worked with the bands ordered for that stay. That was not the case any other stays.


Do they also give you a room key card? While I expect to use the MB, I’d prefer to have a key card as well that I can keep safely in my wallet. I have zero desire to use my phone (not even sure my phone would work anyhow).

Not automatically but I think you can ask for one.

SO possibly problems opening doors but otherwise if I get two sets, they will be dupes?

Yes. There’s nothing on them as such, that’s just how you access your MDE.

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