Split Stay/Magic Bands

This is our first time doing a split stay (we decided to arrive a day early and there were no more rooms at Poly so we are staying one night at CBR) On MDE it shows us having our bands for our trip and now it’s asking me to choose bands for the CBR 1 night reservation. Do I need to call and get this straightened out? I think I know the answer but I’m praying I don’t have to do. Since we added this one extra night I’ve been on the phone with them a few times and I just don’t want to sit on hold for another 20 minutes listening to music…

You will get 2 sets of Magic Bands, one for each reservation. Remember though, that the bands are attached to your MDE account - meaning the person, not the reservation… meaning you can use both at any time.

So pick one color for the CBR reservation and a different one for the Poly. Use both! They last a long time and some people have collections of magic bands in various colors, etc. When we go in June, we will have 4 bands for each person in our group.

Have fun!

oh that seems so wasteful. Especially since we have 4 bands from our November trip that was canceled last minute :confused:

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Yeah, I mean, you could try to call them and not get the bands (I have never done that), but it might be more difficult that you think since it would be trying to operate outside of the Disney “machine”.

Somebody with experience doing that may chime in here and let you know if that is possible and how easy/difficult it is.

You can decline the bands if you want. There should be a link to decline when you go in to customize. Make sure you have at least two with you on your trip in case one flies off your wrist.

You can decline your MBs on MDE. Even MBs from past trips can be used.
And if you have past MBs you don’t want to keep, Disney will recycle them for you.

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As stated by previous liners. When you go to customize your Magic Bands it will ask you if you want to decline them. You pay for them so why not take them. Kids love wearing them around. The other thing is they stay active until you deactivate them. This means they are tied to MDE and you can use any of your previous bands at any time even for future trips. If giving them to the kids to play with, make sure you go to the customize site and deactivate them.

If they stay active and they can reprogrammed to use for other trips, why don’t they just do that when we check into the Poly versus having a new set of bands? Kind of a pita to have to pack 2 boxes of 4 bands and worry about them.

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I just throw the bands in a back pack. No need to worry about them.

As far as I know there is no reprogramming to be done. Magic Bands are tied to your MDE acct and whatever is in your acct is accessed via the Magic Band.

well, that’s why i don’t understand why the second reservation doesn’t just roll over onto the band already in use (first night)

The answer is it does. It is just with each stay DIS is willing to give you new Magic Bands. It’s your call if you want to accept the extras or decline them online.

Here again your thinking that each Magic Band is separate for each trip. It is not. All active Magic Bands are tied to your MDE account and all they do is access the information via Disney’s computer system. There is no setup required on any of them that are active. So if you, say use any of your Magic Band that are still active including any new one’s you acquire for this trip, they will act the same as the old one’s. Here again, all they do is access the information on your MDE acct. to determine if you have a room to unlock, a meal plan, or tickets to enter a park. It’s not the band that has this information but it is only a link to your MDE account. Hope this clears things up.

Although it is interesting that I have had magic bands I can interchange for tickets but only one will Work for the room lock.

Guess I thought actual tickets were long gone. I know we have a couple of plastic cards that will take the place of a Magic Band from a while back. They are still active and according to Disney they will work in place of the Magic Band.