Split stay madness

Just changed my 6 day CSR plans to a split stay. CSR package with 6-day tix. Next a room only Copper Creek. So now I have 4 Magic Bands for 2 guests. Which do I use? When can I plan FP? What am I missing? Any split stay advice? Thanks all.

You can use any band linked to your account, they are interchangeable. You will make FPs 60 days before your first check in date.


You can use either band. Choose the one that best matches your outfit each day.

You can book FPs for all days at 60 days out from first check-in day.

Disney can transfer your luggage for you.

Occasionally there can be problems with opening the room door on the second stay. Easily fixed and meantime use the other band.


Recently I have found that the bands for each stay have been the only bands that open the doors for that resort. I never had that problem in the past.

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I was just there with 2 different AKL Kidani rooms (bad pre-planning on my part, so I had to backfill and change rooms from one reservation to the other) and both MBs worked for both rooms for both me and DD21, so this would seem to be very random and glitchy

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Yes, my AP MB would not work at AKL(I needed the one ordered for that trip), and then they have been resort specific for everyone in my party at CC, GFV, and BLT. I have started to decline the second bands.

Thanks for the info everyone!

So far all my MBs have been working — I haven’t used the ones we got for this trip yet. (Fingers crossed they keep working!)


At CC I think it was just me on the door after the desk helped all of us. I never thought to use the “unlock the door feature” on the app. I wonder if that works regardless of MB issues?