Split Stay Luggage Transfer during COVID

Has anyone had their luggage transferred between resorts for a split stay at Disney during COVID times? How does it work nowadays, if it’s happening at all? Do you take your luggage to bell services? Will they pick it up from your room? Where do they leave it after the transfer? The more details the better.

@ryan1 didn’t you have a split stay for your last trip?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve done it twice. I know @PrincipalTinker had a bad experience taking her bags to bell services and advises having them come to your room so the ticket is for sure in the computer. However, I don’t really have the patience for that. I took my bags to bell services at one hotel and picked them up at bell services at the next hotel when I got back from the park. I wasn’t in a hurry to get them but I don’t have small children either. Worked great for me both times!


I do recommend that after a liner friend had to get the AKL bell staff to look for my bags that were never “scanned” into the system. It was a tough lesson you only need to be taught once.

When AKL sent my luggage to FW instead of WL (close enough?) it was easy to track my wandering bags since I called from the room!

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Yes it’s still happening. Just as before.

Oh, I see you want details.

So you can call Bell Services and they will come and collect from your room. They will ask how many bags, any chilled or frozen (have these bagged up and labelled). And they’ll give you an approximate time to wait. You should tip as usual.

Or you can take everything down to Bell Services.

Either way you will get a receipt.

At the new resort the stuff will be at Bell Services. You can collect in person. Or phone from your room and they will bring it up. You should tip again.

If you had chilled &/or frozen stuff you’ll need to tell them, whether collecting or calling.

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I did. We had our luggage moved from BLT to Boardwalk. We dropped it off at Bell Services at BLT on our way out to MK and the picked it up at Bell Services upon arrival at Boardwalk. They told us it should be there by the time our room is ready, and it was.

I know the recommendation is to have them pick it up…but we didn’t want to have to wait for them on their time, so we just carried it down ourselves, and then made sure I got a claim ticket, and that it had the correct number of bags listed.

We arrived at Boardwalk around 4:00 pm shortly after our room ready text, and our luggage was there. We didn’t even bother going to our room first…straight to Bell Services.


I didn’t realize they stored chilled or frozen for you! That’s nice. How do you recommend labelling? Do you bag in grocery bags?

Generally I save the bags they were delivered in.