Split stay luggage 2023

Doing a split stay, will bell services send my luggage over to the second resort?


All Star to Pop Century. Wanting to Rope Drop AK the day we transfer so it would be an early morning planned. I keep seeing conflicting information and don’t want to be blindsided that morning.


Yes they will.


Yes. They did pause that for a while but it’s back in full force!
ETA: I think they do not send it to your rooms anymore though. I thought this was a thing but have never used that service before. That may be the difference now.

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Although the policy is that they will transfer bags, the reality is not always so. I recently attempted this on transfer from ASMu to OKW. I must have said it 4-5 times to the bell services CM that I was transferring to OKW. I said it many times because he did not appear to be paying much attention. And my instinct on that was correct. On arrival at OKW, my bags were nowhere to be found. After investigation, they were still sitting at ASMu. The OKW CM told me it happens a lot that they don’t get transfers from All Stars resorts.

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They will do it, but if you need your bags at any point during the day (for like midday nap supplies or a park hop wardrobe change), I would recommend bringing them over yourself and dropping them at bell services. Your bags may not show up until very late at night and you may have to chase them to get them to show up.

I just Uber’d my bags over from CSR to AoA last time, early enough that I could still rope drop (as it turns out, as soon as I hit the geo-fence I got my room ready text (at 6am) and just dropped them in my new room…but you can always check them in at luggage services.


Sounds like a personel problem. That sucks because it is policy that they transfer luggage.

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Back when Disney was providing a superior experience, on check-out day of your first resort, you could call down to Bell Services, tell them you wanted to do a transfer, leave the bags in your room and be on your way. Your bags would make their way to the second resort by mid afternoon. No hassles, stellar results.

Fast forward to circa 2019. Now you have to call Bell Services and wait in the room with your bags until they arrive to pick them up. On a busy check-out morning, you can, and I have, waited over 45 minutes for this to occur. If your timeline for making Rope Drop is tight, you consider some of the options that others have posted.

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In June 2022 this was our experience.

We were moving from Sports to SSR. The competent bell services put tags on all our luggage.

But failed to tell us two things:

Transfer occurs after 4 pm. Maybe even after 5 pm.

Once at your new resort, your luggage will be delivered to your room when you call for it and then only if you are in your room to receive it.

Whether those two things are always accurate idk. I have read here of some spectacular fails.

If rope drop is important on the day you’re switching resorts, store your luggage with bell services at the resort you’re leaving. Take a midday break to go to that resort and ride share your luggage to your new resort. There will be a lot less going on at the resorts. And maybe with transport.

Our luggage did show up when Disney intended - like by 5:30 pm. Just not as we understood.

I doubt I’d depend on Disney again. Or perhaps I should say depend on a random bell services guy to be properly trained or motivated.