Split Stay - June 2021

Hi! What do you all think about a split stay? I really want to experience both AKL and WL but I still want a relaxing vacation. Right now I’m already technically doing a split stay at Copper Creek on Sat, June 5 (WL doesn’t open until the 6) and then WL June 6-12. However, I would love to stay at Kidani. I could do June 5 - Copper Creek, June 6-9 WL, June 9-12 Kidani but seems like a bit much. I tried to push Kidani to the front of the trip but they only have one-bedrooms which is out of my price range. I prefer Kidani over WL and could always replace WL but not much else is in my price range $300-$400/night for deluxe. What do you think?

Have you considered renting points at Kidani for the first part of your stay?

I have a 4 night stay booked in June and it is a split stay (as are almost all of my stays) so I will always say “do it”!

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We did a split between Yacht Club and Kidani last week and it went very smoothly.

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Thank you for the suggestion. Maybe I’ll look into renting points. I’m just concerned with the cancellation policy right now. I like that I have full cancellation with no change fees at this point.

Thank you for your reply. I was thinking of Yacht Club too but it’s in the higher range.

Do you just drop your bags at the bell desk and they do the transfer while you are in the park or at the pool? I was thinking of doing it on a rest day or a Epcot day when they open later.

You should call from your room for bell services to pick up your bags. That opens a “ticket” in the system. When you get to your next room (but always after 3 or later) you call for your bags to be delivered. You should tip at pick up and drop off.

You can bring your bags to bell services BUT you are relying on them to scan your bags into the system. I learned this lesson the hard way.


Yes, we had the same concerns about flexibility to cancel and found the best rates for deluxe at those resorts on our dates. We just called bell services to pick up our bags in the morning, went to the park and bussed to the new resort that evening. We just picked up our bags at the desk as we came in to Kidani, it was very late and I wasn’t sure if bell services was even still there. Easy peasy!

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You guys are awesome! Thank you so much! I am really leaning toward this more now! Since it’s far out I have seen lower room categories pop up here and there. Maybe I’ll get lucky!

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