Split Stay & FPP pick day?

Our original package with tickets has our FPP pick day this Wed, 2/14. Last week we were able to snag an extra day in the beginning of our stay but it’s at a different hotel so it had to be made as a separate reservation and our tickets couldn’t be moved to that reservation. That’s fine as we 'll just hit Disney Springs BUT now I’m a bit worried about FPP pick day. That is still attached to the original 2/14 correct since our tickets are part of that package? An extra day would be great, but I’m having my husband go in to work late since it’s a weekday and I’ll need to man the computer while he gets kids ready for school. He can’t do that two days in a row, lol TIA!

I have found that tickets attached to a package do not open up the days before your package starts. The days after still open one day at a time. If you had tickets outside any package your FP window would open on your first day but almost always these days ( there is always the chance of that 61 day glitch that sometimes occurs) you will not be able to make your FPs until 60 days before your package check in. Of course I would still check a day early!

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