Split Stay & Dining Plan

If we do a split stay- can we purchase a dining plan for the first half & continue to use it for the second half of our trip?

It will expire at midnight of your check in day. You can purchase it for both stays (a ticketless package). You can use your mug for both stays.

Tinker meant check out day.

Stay from Sunday -Wed and Wed - Sat
DDP on Sunday - Wed

Activates on Sunday at check in and expires Midnight Wed.

Well I guess tinker could have meant it expires Midnight of the 2nd check-in.

No, I meant check in day for your second resort, with mug working at both stays. Or, add it to both since you do not need to purchase tickets to add it.

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More just trying to game the system a bit. When we went last fall we had 2 rooms. Booked deluxe dining for one & none for the second. Split the credits between both & used them on the most expensive meals. I think we will only have one reservation this time, so can’t use this strategy!

I’m intrigued by this idea–we always get two rooms when we travel with our family (2 adults, 2 teens, 2 kids) as the family suites are not comfortable for all of us anymore. That may save me quite a bit of money. We usually eat breakfast in the room pre-park. We also usually do regular dining plan b/c we never have any leftover credits (bc teen boys) and it is easier and we don’t lose any money. Why have I never thought of this? Did it seem to work well for your group @BoilerMomPharmD?

It worked amazingly for us! As long as you have a plan for where you are going to eat, then you can choose your most expensive meals to use credits for. It saved us a LOT of money, but we did a character meal every day and usually a sit down dinner as well.