Split Stay check in advice

We arrive in under 2 weeks for a split stay. First 5 nights are at Boardwalk with DDP, then 2 nights at AKL room only. I have done my online check in for Boardwalk but haven’t done it for AKL. I read somewhere that you loose your dining credits when you check in at new resort. Is that only if you have DDP at both? We have lunch ADR at Boathouse on our transition day and I don’t want to risk having my credits disappear. Anybody have experience with this?

In theory those credits should last until midnight but I heard the same thing. What I did was I did online checkin at the second resort (it was AKL for me) and I did my check in time after I expected my lunch to end. I believe I had a 1:30 Sanaa and I said I expected to arrive at AKL at 3:00. I would set my check in time for two hours after my meal.

Wow, first I have heard of this. Doing my first split stay in a little more than a month. No Dining plan on the second leg though, its only one night to catch the morning flight the next day. Do we know if the credits will fall off if I don’t have the dining plan at second resort, or should I just check in as late as possible there?

You’ll be fine @perkins314 I’ve done that before and credits will stay until 23:59 ( ok I didn’t actually try them that late, but I did use them after checking in at bcc, our 2nd resort). However that was before magic bands. For our upcoming trip I was advised that there is sometimes a glitch that a cm can fix quite easily.

Not sure about the op. Never tried but following discussion with interest. I haven’t fully decided if we will use dining plan for both resorts yet so would like to know of any potential problems.

Thanks for the advice. I feel better now about completing my check in for AKL. Definitely will NOT ask for early check in. Now I can go back to making our Touring (eating) Plan for our days at Food & Wine!

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