Split-Stay But Same Resort

We have a split stay booked at the same resort. Our day of arrival is November 24th with a check out of November 27th. Our second reservation is for November 27th check in and December 3rd check out. We have free dining on the second part of our reservation.

How do we add Park tickets for the first 3 days without paying full price? Can we add them to our reservation that starts on the 27th but then use them prior to that date?

And do we want to do an online check in for both reservations, one reservation, or neither reservation? If yes, where do we note the split-stay?

Also, how would the TP Fax work in the case of a split stay at the same Resort? How does one go about upping the chances of not having to change rooms mid stay?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You may be able to go to guest services, activate your tickets and add the days but you will not be able to make any fast passes before that time on those three days. Free dining package tickets will not open up that “rolling window”.

On the bright side, the booking window for fps will open up 60 days out from the first stay, even though you won’t be able to book any for the 24th, 25th or 26th. But you will get that 3 day advantage for the package days, which will be crucial for FoP. :slight_smile:

But you’ll still have 7 days of advance fps. If you were planning any off site days (Universal, Kennedy, Seaworld) do them in those first 3 days. Activate the tickets early, book what you can (most things will be available, just not the huge headliners). And then you could do World Showcase primarily one day with a few of the FW rides without fps. Head to MK and rather than battle your way to Fantasyland at opening, head to BTMRR and Pirates etc.

If you want to book fps for those opening days at 60 days you would have to find the cheapest 3 day ticket deal. Personally with that much time in the package I wouldn’t bother.

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There has been this weird thing with split stays and free dining packages on the second stay. For some reason it has not been opening up the FP window with that first stay. It does not make sense but there have been a lot of reports.

I am not too concerned about FPP as we will be doing some non-Disney activities the first few days during the day and really only want some extra days of Park Tickets in order to see some fireworks shows at night.

And I am also curious about how we do on-line check-in, or do we? And how we set up our TP Fax to up our chances of not having to do a room change, etc.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

For the Touring Plan request, here is a great blog post with directions:

For online checkin you log onto your MDE (I think it is the app too now?) and complete the process. Make you everyone has a PIN set and you have a credit card linked.

Oh :confused: hadn’t seen that. Luckily for Op they do have enough time to get fps without those extra few days, but I wonder what’s up? You really weren’t kidding when you said somewhere that “packages were screwing things up”!

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When i was doing my Split Stay at POP i did the following.

We booked our original Free Dining Plan reservation for 7 Days, we then added a Day before those 7 days and a Day after.

So we ended up with 3 reservations. I did online check-in for all 3 reservations, and setup the room faxes for all 3 reservations, with the confirmation numbers of the other reservations in the notes section, requesting not to have to move rooms. When we arrived on the first day, i went and spoke to the front desk to make sure everything was in order, and to ensure we wouldn’t have to change rooms.

My Park Tickets all got extended from my FDP reservation, but my FPP reservation date was 60 days out from my 1’st reservation. I had seen some saying they had problems with this, but i didn’t.

You just have to make sure all Reservations and tickets show in your MDE app. Because in all actually the ticket part of the FDP reservation is just like any other ticket. the free dining is tied to the room reservation.