Split stay between AStarS and Dolphin - luggage transfer?

Hi, we’re considering a split stay between the All Star Sports and Dolphin. Will Disney move our luggage between these two if Dolphin is not a Disney-owned resort? Would they let us take our small carry-ons on the Disney buses if not? Thanks!

they won’t transfer for you. You’ll have to do it yourselves. Yes, you can bring your luggage on the Disney buses. I rolled 2 suitcases when I transferred myself from Yacht Club to POFQ after my flight was cancelled. I needed my stuff and I couldn’t wait for bell services to deliver it 3 hours later. And I didn’t want to spend $$ on a cab since I was already paying for an extra night so I took the buses (YC to DTD to POFQ).

Thank you DarthDopey, that’s exactly the information I needed, if not the answer I was hoping for…