Split Stay and Pool Use

I’m trying to “finalize” my touring plans before my upcoming FP day. We have a split stay, Poly and AKL, and will be going to MK (CL7) on our hotel movement day. I plan to get some pool time at both hotels, outside of that day. However, I’d also like to leave a decent chunk of time for down-time, on moving day, too.
What advice do you all have?

Options I can think of are:

  • Morning at Poly, followed by afternoon and evening at MK. Just got to bed at AKL
  • Morning at MK, swimming at Poly, Evening at MK, Bed at AKL.
  • Morning and Afternoon at MK, evening and swimming at AKL.

If we do an afternoon at Poly, how does that work? I assume we’ll have to be out of our room before we’d want to go to the pool. It would be nice to RD MK, but we might appreciate the quiet morning - we have HEA dessert party the night before.

I like option 1.

You’ll need to be out of your room by checkout time, 11am
You can have your bags picked up by bell services to be transported to AKL.
You will want to have things in your day bag that you will need for the day. You may want to get a locker at MK to keep your wet things in and then pick them up on the way out to AK. You could also store your bag with bell services for the day at Poly, but that would necessitate a bit more back and forth via boat/monorail at the end of the day for transfer to AKL.
Of course you could take boat/monorail back to Poly, retrieve bags, and Uber/Lyft/Minnie Van to AKL…

After a late night, and needing to pack for the move to hotel #2, you’ll appreciate a slow and easy morning with no deadlines.

Is there a shower changing room at Poly? I know the large bathrooms/showers/changing rooms near the Jambo Pool but I don’t know if I ever food one at Poly? I know there are bathrooms at the Oasis pool with maybe one shower (kinda like at the fitness center at Kidani?).

Yes, under the volcano there is a locker room with showers

A person who spends their pool time at Oasis might miss it :wink:

You know it is one of my favorite places to hide…


Oh! That helps a lot!
I didn’t realize there were decent changing rooms near the pool. Packed and out of the room by 11 is no problem, assuming we can go somewhere to change after swimming.

note to self. Take clothes off under the volcano

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Uh… please be sure you’re in the LOCKER ROOM located under the volcano :wink: