Split Stay and FPP

Good morning all. Just a quick question. Going to the world on May 4 and staying at Pop. Switching to AKL from the 11th until the 16th. Can I make FPP at 60 days out from May 4 for the whole trip or do I need to make seperate FPP selections for both resort stays? TIA!

You can make them for your whole stay but I am thinking there maybe a 10 day limit?

We have AP’s and are staying on property and so hopefully we don’t have a problem. Thanks for the input. I’ll have to do more research :grinning:

I am booking my 3rd split stay this week. I have also had two trips in the 60 day window in the past. I know it has been reported that there is a 10 day total, and then one at a time availability to book as each day ends, but I thought others on site have reported length of stay. Good luck!