Split stay and booking dining

If doing a split stay do you have 2 different ADR dates or can you book all 8 days at once? I am nervous about the last 3 days not being able to get anything

You cannot book all 8 days at once, unfortunately. I think there are ways to work around that, but Disney frowns upon it, because it doesn’t follow the rules. Some “cut in line” by extending their first reservation through the end of the second one and later cancel the extra days off the first reservation after the 180 day window has passed. But apart from that, you will book 180 days out from the first day on each reservation. Good luck!

BTW, I hope my comment didn’t seem snobby! I asked the same question a while back, so I’m just sharing what I’ve learned in my search lol. We are doing a split stay over Christmas, but we cannot grab Christmas Day ADRs early due to our split stay. UGH! :slight_smile:

When I was booking my ADR’s for my trip last month I was able to book all my ADR’s at once. I had a split stay (OKW and the Poly). I’m not sure if they have since changed their rules.

I had consecutive days at the resorts - April 30 - May 7th @ OKW May 7th - May 10th @ the Poly.

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yeah I am wondering if they have changed it recently I hope not if so I would have to carefully pick which ADR goes where in the hopes of getting them all without the +10

They are cracking down on extended stays just to get ADRs in the form of new policies.

For instance, you might lose any promotion or discount when you drop days from your stay. They are only holding back limited numbers of rooms for each length of stay and room type. (always unknown, never revealed).

For a split stay, you will most likely have 2 ADR days. However, if you call, the CMs can often work their magic and reserve adrs for your entire trip. but there’s no guarantee of that happening. Some know how and are willing to do it. Some aren’t.

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@DarthDopey, I think your answer is the best explanation I have ever read. Next time I see this question can I say : as @DarthDopey says…

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Thanks PT. :blush: